So I took my red dress off while in the booth and dared to have a Nicholas Sparks moment, and let the ethanol hit me up. He took his clothes off too. Slippery, wet and definitely clean, we ran up the stairs into one of the rooms. Naked.

I was running naked in Henry Palmer’s house. And I found a guest room that was virtually untouched. The bathroom was as large as my apartment. I set the hot water and he joined me.

Now, as he snores lightly to my side, tired and balls emptied, I, sore, deeply satisfied and hoping for a 4 AM quickie, listen to his heartbeat and watch him, sleepily. I love him, this man. And it is not just the sex.

Okay, the sex contributes. But he is showing me the other side of him that he never let anyone else in on. And for this I want to know more about him, always – I want us to live together forever.

He makes me content. He fills me up, literally, and more.EpilogueHenryOne Year LaterShe gasps for air while on the table. I feel her spine clench and her body follow. It drips. Liquid to solid. Red. She nods.

I let it drip some more. The wax smolders before solidifying on her back. Her sweat makes it more fun to watch. I squeeze the button in my fingers again. Her thighs vibrate. Her legs throw out. I stop. I let it drip.

‘I love you, Julia.’

She moans in response. I let it drip once more. I squeeze the button.

Wax. Orgasms. A kiss when I want it.

She is mine. I will do with her as I please.JuliaOne Month Later‘Hey you.’


‘Yeah… hey...’

‘Julia! Is it really you?’

‘It really is.’

‘Gosh, it feels so good to hear your voice.’

‘It’s nice to hear from you too Charlie. I… I want to apologize for... for not checking up on you since you left…’

‘There is nothing to forgive, baby panda. It’s all good. I get it.’

‘You do?’

‘You know how much I hate slandering and letting my tongue loose when it comes to what I mean. I get it, okay? No hard feelings.’

‘I miss you.’

‘I miss you too. My husbands tell me that everything in the US is quite fucked. I hope that’s not the case for you.’

‘It’s not. I actually have some news.’

‘You do? Tell me!’

‘Remember my boss?’

‘Palmer, the one you had a crush on?’

‘Well… he’s not just a crush anymore. He’s kinda my baby daddy.’


‘Uh huh. You heard that right. I fucked the 15th richest person this side of the continent and am having his baby, baby! Don’t choke on your tea, bestie.’

‘You- you- what?’

‘I will explain it a little later, okay? Just… keep this line secure and try your best not to burst until I get back.’

‘Wait, where are you going?’

‘I’m at his old family lake house. We came here after we got some of those vaccine trials going around.’

‘But aren’t those weeks away from being approved?’

‘He knows people. I asked him to get some to you too. He said it’s in the works, and that I can jet to you when it is ready.’


‘Yes, now calm down. I see him coming in from fishing. He looks like he wants to talk to me… yeah. He’s beckoning. Charlie, I love you, okay? I promise to talk with you later on to let you in on everything, okay?’

‘If you don’t, I’m coming down there myself to choke it out of you.’

‘He’s already got that covered.’



I hook the phone back in its place and smolder in glee. That was fun. Better than I had hoped.

‘She’s alright?’ he asks from the door. I nod. The cooler in his hand looks heavy. ‘Don’t worry. I’ll have dinner ready in a few hours. Wanna take a walk with me?’

He stops us by the lake. I see a quilted blanket. Wine. Food basket. He is on one knee.



‘But I didn’t ask anything yet and-’

‘I know. Just… yes.’

I let go and fall to the ground too. Stripping naked is no issue. Pulling on his cock is easy. Straddling his waist and sticking his cock up my pussy... please. It is the tears falling down our cheeks as we fuck that are hard, knowing that we are a family now, a family full of love and affection.

I cry and kiss his salty mouth and ride and scream with his teeth on my tits and howl because he cups my bare ass and handles me with so much care and lets me… me, Julia, the one behind the office desk, Mrs. Palmer-to-be, truly own him just as much as he owns me.THE END

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