His pants fall off and I help him kick them away. He lifts his torso above mine and watches every inch of me. He’s like a tiger on a gazelle or playing with its food. He licks his lips and nods.

I use my calves. Then my feet. His pants slide off. I graze his buttock, tight and firm. The black bulge does not beg for release.

I do.


Nine inches minimum. It is straight, no curves. Full of veins. And it is very, very hard.


‘I know.’

‘You do?’

‘I’ll be gentle,’ he whispers.

It is like the best holiday meal, rolled up into a feeling. He is now plunging into the parts of my body that nothing except for two of my fingers has ever touched. My clit sends jolts up and down my neck. I feel my nails dig into his shoulders, my teeth clenched, and my body opening up for him.

Henry rubs along my cunt, while my juices that have been percolating for him for over three years, a testimony unveiled, are oozing down my pink pussy for him. He goes in deeper. I feel its heat, its paced throbs.

I open my eyes and calm down, the sudden shift in feeling, the range of element panicking through my body, and see him. The thin line across the bottom of his face curves into a loving smile.

‘You feel and look amazing, Miss Cast.’

‘You too,’ I say. ‘I’ve been wanting this for a long time.’

‘Ah. So have I.’

His grip tightens. My heart skips. It skipped like this once before, on the very top of a long dip down a roller coaster.

Henry takes his shaft out of me by two inches or so.

Then he rams it all the way in. My thighs weaken and my chest heaves. He pulls back out and rams it in again.

‘Ah!’ I say, feeling pain mixed with pleasure.

‘Shush, Miss Cast. The fun has not yet even begun.’

Henry is no more man than animal. Skin becomes machine as he plunders and caresses and fucks and makes love to me. My arms grow tired. They ache from clutching unto nothing.

My breasts are sore, wet and in pain from his biting, his slurping, his slapping. I beg for release, and he tells me, in no word, all grunts, how he will not grant it to me unless… unless I give in and cum for him.

‘Heeenryyyy,’ I moan, as an orgasm overtakes me.

Pound for pound, my core winds itself and uncoils in unfettered explosion. I scream hard and feel my thighs and ass cheeks clench to release something more than just an orgasm. Powerful and wet, three spurts of clear liquid splash across him. Three short bursts from my cunt.

And he does not stop.

His thick balls slap my pussy hard. Now I feel only pleasure, no pain. God, I want so badly to lick them, as I always have done in my fantasies. I treasure the danger of doing this. The risk. The urge to stifle my screams and hope that no one walks in to harm us.

Oh fuck… yes… yes... yeeesss…. The… mmmh… the blood boiling… the rush to fuck and own and be owned and…


He slows his thrust and lets the wave crash through me. I arch my back so hard his cock twists with mine. I suck it all in; the salty air, our pent-up energy, his fucking shaft ready to spurt and explode, and I cum.

‘Oh, Julia,’ he groans.

I open my eyes to see his pulsing dick expunge jets of cum all over my chest and thighs and breasts.

The ecstasy is fantasy. The twin pulsing is unfamiliar and blissful.

I am a virgin no more.Chapter Six - HenryI am engulfed by dreams so wild their comprehension evades me. Julia’s pussy lathers my cock with cunt juice and pulls me in when I pull out.

She is under my grip, under my weight, under my spell, under my complete and utter ownership of her body, mind and soul. Her legs hook me by the waist, and I plunge deeper, balls deeper, until I feel the familiar rise.

Her lips softly melt into mine. Our sweat joins into something similar as I fuck her mind out and breathe breath into her. Her eyes roll up and inward. Her breasts, so sweet and bubbly under my tongue, bounce against my chin.

She wants so badly to use her hands. She does not understand.

I make the rules.

This is just the beginning.

She is in my arms, the coat and robe tussled somewhere at the foot of the bed. She plays with the tiny pool of cum on her navel. I play with the spray of gush that she squirted all over my shirt and arms.

‘Keeping the coat on was an extra touch. I liked the feeling. It rubbed my ass and covered us up really well.’

She laughs and leans into my chest. I untangle her hair and fray her scalp mildly.

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