“Yes…yes. I’m fine.” My eyes must have played tricks on me. Why would Lucca be here? No, there is no way. Julian’s paranoia is rubbing off on me, that’s all.

“Is this still about Chelsey?” Julian huffs, handing me a piece of chocolate cake.

Without answering, I take a huge bite of the cake.

“If you don’t stop your pouting, I’ll have to take you somewhere quiet and show you just how much I want you.”

The chocolate turns even sweeter on my tongue at his threat, and my insides turn as mushy as the cake on my tongue. Swallowing, I sit the plate on the table.

“Maybe that’s exactly what you should do,” I purr in the most seductive way I can manage. I’ve grown bolder when it comes to sex, but I am nowhere as bold as Julian.

Julian’s gaze becomes heated, his pupils dilate, and his tongue darts out to moisten his bottom lip. I can tell he wants me, is thinking about all the ways he can take me.

“Let’s go, then, my queen,” he growls, his voice wrapped up in desire. Shock courses through me but then fades away when his hand encases mine. “I hope you didn’t think I was joking,” he whispers into my ear, “because I’ve wanted to rip this dress off you and fuck you since the moment you appeared at the top of the stairs earlier.”

“Julian.” I gasp as if his words aren’t already turning me into a pile of mush. He tugs me to my feet, and my body collides with his, sending a shiver of lustful need down my spine. Will I ever not be crazy for this man?



That’s exactly what I need. Something dark and satisfying to prove to my wife that she is and always will be the only woman worthy of my attention. Tugging her behind me, I feel every ounce of blood rushing to my cock.

I can’t think rationally right now. I need to have her skin against mine, hear her soft moans, and stare into her eyes as she crumbles into a million pieces in my arms.

Taking a left, I head down a dark hallway. I’m crazed and hungry with need for this woman. If I don’t find a room soon, I might just fuck her against the wall where anyone could walk by and see us.

“What about the fundraiser?” Elena questions in a hushed whisper.

Spotting a door ahead, I trudge forward and grab the knob hard enough to break it off.

“Fuck the fundraiser. All I want is to be inside you,” I hiss through my teeth, shoving the door open. I practically drag Elena across the threshold. As soon as we’re both inside, I slam the door shut.

It’s dark, but my eyes start to adjust almost immediately.

“Is it wrong that I’m turned on?” Elena says softly.

“Fuck, no,” I growl and pounce like a mountain lion on her.

My lips find hers in the darkness, and I kiss her ferociously, devouring her mouth like it’s the last taste of her I’ll ever get. Chocolate and sin, that’s what she tastes like.

Not so gently, I shove her back against the wall, sending something clattering to the floor. Neither of us seems to care what we’ve knocked over in our haste to get our bodies closer. Elena tugs at my shirt while I tangle one hand in her hair and slide the other beneath her dress.

“Fuck me, Julian,” Elena pants, her nails digging into my skin.

The small pinpricks of pain zing straight to my cock, and I tighten my hold on her hair. A throaty moan escapes her lips, and I can’t help but smile. Tilting her head to the side, I ravage her throat, collarbone, and chest, wanting, needing to mark her.

My other hand continues to move slowly beneath her dress, and over her thigh. She spreads her legs ever so slightly to accommodate my hand.

“You want me, baby?” I purr against her earlobe.

“Yes, yes, I want you,” she moans and spreads her legs a little wider.

As badly as I want to draw this out, I know I’m only making us both ache by waiting. Moving closer to her center, I find nothing more than a thin strip of fabric protecting her shaved pussy from my hand.

Fuck! A jolt of possessiveness rips through me, and I can’t stop myself from reacting. Mine. Elena is mine, and I’m going to prove it to her, prove it to everyone. She won’t ever second-guess my love for her. Not after tonight.

I release her hair and pull my hand back from beneath her dress. Before she can even whimper, I twist her around, press her against the wall, and grab her by the nape of the neck, tilting her head backward as I grind my hardened cock against her ass. I need her to know how badly I want her. How badly I need her.

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