“I’m going to fuck you now. Hard and fast,” I growl into her shoulder. “I need to be inside you right now, or I might fucking die.”

“Mmm, yes…give me your worst, Mr. Moretti.”

Her low, seductive voice rips away the last strands of my restraint, and I unbuckle my belt and shove my pants down in one single motion. For one brief second, everything that terrifies me fades to black. There is nothing more than Elena and me in this moment.

Grabbing the slit of her dress, I damn near rip the fabric in my haste to get it out of the way. My fingers dive between her legs, and I tug at the single strip of fabric, snapping it like a rubber band.

“Hey!” Elena squeals, but that sound dissipates in an instant as I bring my fingers to her cunt and sink two digits inside her warm channel. I smile like the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland. Elena’s not only wet for me, but she’s dripping like a leaky fucking faucet.

Pumping my fingers inside of her a few times, I continue to hold her by the nape of her neck, maintaining control in every aspect of the situation.

“Oh God…” Her supple thighs start to tremble, and her arousal drips down my hand. She’s close, so fucking close, but when she goes off, it’ll be with my cock inside of her so I can feel each clench of her tight womb.

“Close, but no…” I chuckle into her ear.

Her insides start to tighten, and I pull my fingers out, grabbing her by the hip to maneuver her to the perfect angle to take my cock.

Staring down at the space between our bodies, I guide the tip of my cock to her warm, wet entrance and slowly sink inside her, dragging out every second, soaking it in, relishing in it. As soon as my pelvis presses against her ass, I lose it.

It’s like something has broken inside me.

Holding her in place, I use her body like only I can. Exactly how I know she likes it. Branding her with my touch, I fuck her against the wall, her pants and moans are pure music to my ears, and a shiver zings down my spine at the sounds she expels.

Slaps and heavy breathing fill the air, along with the smell of sex.

Elena surrounds me, her sweet scent embedded in my nostrils, her taste on my tongue.

“I’m close…” she croaks. “So close…”

“Come for me, baby, soak my cock with your release. Fall apart. I want to feel your tight cunt refusing to let me go.” I nip at her earlobe, knowing the smallest bit of pain will send my minx right over the edge.

She likes her pleasure dipped into a little pain.

Like a star transforming right before my eyes, her muscles start to spasm, and she lets out the sexiest sound I’ve ever heard. It’s a cross between a moan and a grunt, and it makes me fuck her faster and harder, my body pushing through hers, owning her release, forcing her to feel me through every ripple of pleasure.

We are pleasure and pain. Giving and taking from each other. Beads of sweat form against my brow as I plow into her repeatedly. I never want this moment to end, but when my entire body starts to tighten like a bow strung too tight, I know the end is inevitable.

Holding her with bruising force, I push into her one last time, sinking myself as deep as I can go. I press a soft kiss to the back of her neck as I release my load inside her, filling her with my seed, making the warmth in my chest expand outward.


We remain like this until my cock starts to soften, and then I ease out of her, but I don’t move away. I drop her dress back down into place and turn her around so I can see her face. Tugging my pants up, I put everything back into place.

Our gazes clash like waves against sharp, jagged peaks. Green orbs that see the world with such innocence and beauty. I can’t help myself. I dip in for another kiss, taking her mouth with a possessive need even though I just claimed her with my seed.

I cannot get enough of her. The lengths I would go to protect her. To ensure she is always safe and happy, they make my head spin. I’d kill, destroy, and murder anyone I had to. I’d burn every bridge, break every rule.

She breaks the kiss a short while later, and the window above our heads lets in a sliver of moonlight, making it possible for me to see that she is a little shy over what we’ve just done.

“That was…”

“Unexpected,” Elena whispers, a small smile tugging on her lips.

“Very much so. I didn’t think you would actually go through with it. It seems I’ve turned my wife into a dirty girl.”

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