* * *

Ash heard his name on her lips, satisfaction coursing through him. She belonged to him and him alone.

She was everything he’d never even dared to dream, and he’d do everything in his power to keep her safe, happy, loved.

He began climbing up her torso, kissing a trail as he went. His breeches were still on, which was a very good thing, his cock had a mind of its own and it wanted her in the most wicked way.

Ash kissed up her neck and then found her lips, her body soft and so pliant under his. He skimmed his fingers into her hair, wishing it were down and flowing about her shoulders. As if she heard his request, she began pulling out the pins, allowing the locks to fall into his waiting hands.

“Ash,” she said quietly into the night. “Your pants.”

“What about them?” he asked, still combing his fingers through the lush locks of hair.

“They’re still on,” she replied, her fingers coming to the laces.

“They should be. We’re not—” But he didn’t have a chance to finish before she’d already undone the strings and was tugging the fabric down his hips. “How did you do that?”

“I have dexterous fingers,” she answered, wiggling the tight garment down past his rear so that his cock sprang out.

He had firsthand knowledge of just how wonderful those fingers were and memories of their time on the beach assaulted his thoughts as his member grew even harder. The poor thing was likely to shatter soon. “Cordelia,” he muttered through clenched teeth. “I can’t control myself if you keep this up.”

“So don’t,” she said, wiggling down lower, her mouth peppering kisses along his skin. She wasn’t actually going to…

She reached his member and her supple lips placed the softest kiss right on the tip. Seed leaked out and every muscle in his body locked up. “Tell me what to do,” she said as she continued kissing down the shaft. “You’re so different from me.”

He rolled onto his side and she followed him, sliding the head between her lips. He squeezed his eyes shut and then open again, trying to regain composure. “You don’t need me to tell you anything. Bloody hell.”

She gave the softest giggle as she took more of him into her mouth. “Can you finish this way too?”

“Oh yes,” he answered, his hands twined into her hair. “Yes.” he hissed out. Part of him wanted all of her. Wanted to take her maidenhead tonight. But he knew he needed to wait. He’d yet to gain her father’s permission and without it he wouldn’t take her virginity.

She slid more of him into her mouth, her tongue dancing along the tip. Was it set to the rhythm of a quadrille? His eyes rolled back into his head. He’d never dance that tempo the same again. His breath hissed from his lungs as he guided her up and down his shaft, his body tightening and tensing until he thought he might break from the tension building within.

r /> He was nearly at the edge when suddenly she reared back, his cock coming out of her mouth with a soft pop.

He likely deserved the teasing, but a cry of frustration rose to his lips. He needed her. He’d revealed his deepest darkest secrets tonight and rather than reject him, she cradled him in her love. She gave him more than he’d ever hoped for. Love, passion, need welled inside him, nearly overwhelming him with joy. “Cordelia, please.”

In response, she climbed up his body, her nipples skimming his flesh, causing goose pimples to rise all over his skin.

“I want all of you,” she said by way of response. “Will you give it to me?”

Dear heaven above, he wanted to be a good man. But such an enticing plea like that… “You’re trying to kill me.”

She laughed. “I’m trying to love you.”

He slid his fingers into her hair. “I’ve not gotten permission for your hand.”

She shook her head. “Stop worrying. My father has offered you a position in his company. Permission granted.”

The logic was thin, but he couldn’t care in this moment and rolled her onto her back, settling between her legs. He wanted her, all of her, wished to claim her, make her entirely his.

His cock head settled between her wet folds, sliding into her channel.

The cords of his neck tightened with the effort to go slow as her fingernails dug into his back.

“Are you all right, love?” he asked, his jaw locked tight.

She gave a stiff nod. “Do it. Hurry.”

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