Placing her drink on the bar table, Amy gave him a cautious smile and took a couple of steps back. “Thank you for the drink and the dance, but I think I have to get going now.” Her voice sounded steady, even as her heart hammered in her throat. “It’s getting late, and I have a lot of work to do tomorrow.”

“I thought you were a student.” Vair stepped closer, ignoring her obvious desire to maintain a distance between them. “Getting your Master’s, isn’t that right?”

Amy swallowed. “Yes, of course. I just meant that I have a lot of work to do on my thesis.” Shit. He did suspect something—or else he simply enjoyed toying with her, making her nervous. Either way, she needed to get Jay and get out of there.

She was starting to have a bad feeling about all this.

“I don’t think your friend is quite ready to leave,” Vair said, glancing at Jay—who was happily sandwiched between the Barbie and the male Krinar. “In fact, I’m pretty sure he’d prefer to stay.” Vair’s voice was filled with amusement, but his eyes gleamed darkly as he turned his attention back to Amy and said softly, “You should stay as well, darling—learn some more about us.”

Amy opened her mouth to decline his offer, but at that moment, the lights dimmed further and the music changed, becoming twice as loud as before. She could no longer see her friend on the other side of the room; the dark red glow barely allowed her to discern Vair’s features, and he was standing right in front of her.

“Wait—” she began saying, unnerved by the sudden change of atmosphere, but Vair was already pulling her into his arms again and maneuvering them back into the dancing crowd.

Chapter 5

Startled and alarmed, Amy pushed at Vair, but it was like trying to move a wall. All she could do was follow his lead as he moved in a sensuous rhythm, keeping her pressed tightly against him. The music blared all around them, the beat fast and exotic, and his heat, his scent, surrounded her, entangling her in a darkly seductive web. He was so strong that her feet barely touched the floor as he held her; it was as though she was a rag doll, an inanimate object he could move about at will.

This time he didn’t bother keeping any distance between them. Amy could feel every inch of his powerfully muscled body, and she realized with a jolt of panic that he was already hard, his erection pressing into her belly. Gasping, she tried to push at him again, but he ignored her ineffectual struggles, holding her contained without any apparent effort. His eyes glittered in the darkness, watching her with apparent hunger, and Amy’s heart thumped harder in her chest as she realized he had no intention of letting her go this time.

Not until he got what he wanted from her.

The thought should’ve been terrifying, but her body’s response had nothing to do with fear. Her nipples pebbled within the confines of her bra, and she could feel warm moisture dampening her underwear. Her body wanted him with a primitive animal instinct, and it didn’t care about the fact that this was happening against Amy’s will—that her mind wanted nothing to do with Vair.

As their forced dance continued, the night took on a surreal feel for Amy. Everything about this place felt like a dream, from the flickering red glow emanating from some invisible light source to the stunningly beautiful man who held her trapped in his embrace. The music pulsed in tune to

the throbbing in her body, and her head spun, her senses utterly overwhelmed. The drink, she thought vaguely, staring up at him, but she knew alcohol was only partially responsible for the haze clouding her brain.

It was him. Vair was the reason she was feeling like this. Her attraction to him was more potent than anything she had ever experienced—and judging by the hard bulge pushing against her stomach, he wanted her just as much. His gaze spoke of dark pleasures and twisted sheets, of ecstasy and lust. Her hands moved up to rest on his shoulders as she stopped trying to push him away, and his eyes gleamed brighter at her tacit surrender.

She wasn’t sure how much time passed as they danced like that. All of her senses were focused on him—on the hard press of his body against her own and the warm scent of his skin . . . on the way he held her, with one hand splayed on her upper back and another arm wrapped around her waist. They moved as one, their bodies seemingly in tune, though she didn’t have the freedom to move any differently. After a while, his hand slid from her upper back to her neck, his fingers delving under her hair and stroking the bare skin of her nape, and the heat inside her intensified, her breathing coming faster.

When he bent his head and claimed her lips, it was almost a relief, though it added to the tension building inside her, sharpened her need even more. There was no uncertainty in the way he took her mouth, no hesitation of any kind. Vair kissed like he danced–with dominant expertise and calm force, his lips and tongue teasing and invading at the same time. He didn’t ask for her response; he demanded it, and Amy couldn’t help but give it to him, her hands clinging to his shoulders and her lips parting to let him.

Her back met a hard surface, and she realized they somehow ended up near a wall. Before she could gather her wits, one of his hands slid into her hair, cupping her skull, and his other hand traveled lower, down to the curve of her ass. Still kissing her, he lifted her off the ground with one hand, holding her pinned up against the wall so he could grind his erection into the soft notch between her legs. The hard pressure added to the tension in her core, and Amy moaned into his mouth, unable to control herself.

“Yes, that’s it, darling,” he whispered, his breath hot on her ear as his mouth trailed over the side of her face. His lips nibbled at her earlobe, and then he bit it lightly, sending goosebumps over that side of her body. “Such a beautiful, delicious little darling . . .”

Amy moaned again, her eyes closing and her head arching back as he began kissing the underside of her jaw, his mouth leaving a warm, moist trail on her skin. Rationally, she knew this was wrong, but rationality was not what ruled her mind at the moment. Her body was on fire, and her sex pulsed with an empty ache. “Please,” she whispered desperately. “Please, Vair . . .” She didn’t know if she was asking him to stop or to continue, and ultimately it didn’t matter. She was completely in his power, her body his to play with and manipulate at will.

He chuckled, the sound low and dark, and then his mouth moved lower, to the sensitive curve of her neck. She felt his teeth graze her skin, and the slight pain somehow only added to her arousal, making her writhe against him. “Yes, that’s it,” he muttered thickly, his hand tightening on her ass, “that’s it, darling . . .”

Lost in her heated need, Amy barely registered the fact that the wall behind her back seemed to disappear. It was only when she found herself stretched out on some comfortable surface that the warning bells began ringing in her mind.

Where was she?

Panic swept through Amy, temporarily clearing her mind. Gasping, she opened her eyes and saw Vair’s bronzed face looming over her. The music still played, the lights still flickered, but they were no longer among the dancing crowd. Instead, they were in some private space, with Amy laid out flat on a bed-like surface.

“What . . . where—?” she began to say in shock, and he lowered his head, taking her mouth again. At the same time, he captured her wrists, stretching her arms up over her head before transferring both of her wrists to one of his large hands.

She was now completely helpless, restrained and utterly at his mercy.

The realization should’ve cooled her desire, but as soon as he started kissing her again, a melting languor spread through Amy’s body, sapping her inclination to fight. Waves of heat rolled over her skin, and her nipples throbbed, becoming acutely sensitive. She could feel warm slickness between her legs, and as Vair ran his free hand down the front of her dress, she unconsciously arched into his touch, desperately craving more.

As her eyes drifted shut, the sense of unreality that engulfed her earlier returned. It felt like it was all a dream, a dark fantasy that was playing out only in her mind. When Vair hooked his fingers into the top of her dress and ripped it down the middle, Amy jerked at the sudden violence of the movement, but even that was not enough to pull her out of her sensual daze. All that existed in her world was heat and pleasure, his touch and the weight of his body over her.

Her bra and panties suffered the same fate as her dress, and then he slithered down her body, releasing her wrists to cup her breasts in both of his big hands. His mouth latched on to her nipples, first one, then the other, making Amy cry out at the sharp, pulling pressure. Her hands, finally freed from his restraining hold, somehow found their way to his head, and she clutched fistfuls of his silky hair, not knowing if she was trying to push him away or bring him closer.

He moved up over her then, covering her with his huge, naked body, and she realized that his clothes were gone too, though she didn’t remember seeing him remove them. She didn’t have a chance to ponder the mystery, though, because everywhere their skin touched, her flesh tingled, as if electrified. Opening her eyes, she met his gaze and saw the same desperate hunger reflected on his face.

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