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“Those are the rules that you signed up for.”

“And if I find my own means of finding her?”

“Good luck.”

“What about her picture?”

“It has been destroyed. The moment the clock struck six this morning, all of those details were wiped. I know who she is and what she does and even why she needs the money. I won’t be telling you a damn thing.”

There’s absolutely no point in arguing with him.

He’s made up his mind, and I’m still pissed.

She left before I got the chance to talk to her.

Getting to my feet, I make my way to the door, but he stops me.

“You want to take the sheet?” Malcolm asks.

“The sheet?”

“The bloodstained sheet as a trophy. It’s what you get for your money as well. It’s why all the bedding is white.”

“Who the fuck does that?” I ask.

Malcolm smirks. “You’d be surprised. The maid is outside waiting with your sheets.”

As I leave the office, there is in fact a small woman. She holds a brown bag in which I see the hint of white.

I take the package from her, not really interested in the damn sheet. It’s the last thing I want.

Leaving the building, I find Dean, my friend, leaning against my car.

“Good night?” he asks.

“I’m not interested in talking right now.”

“Wow, a night of no strings attached sex and I thought you’d be over the moon, or at least a little happier this morning.”

“Fuck off.” My mood is getting darker.

His car is parked several feet from mine.

“What is your problem?”

“Do you have any idea what happened last night?”

“Yeah, you got to taste untouched fruit. Your dick was the first one inside a nice woman. Admittedly, I was surprised you went for the chunky brunette, but still.”

Clenching my hands into fists, it takes every single ounce of restraint not to plow my fist into his face.

Following Dean to Cherry last night hadn’t been on my list of things to do. Nor had I any intention of sleeping with a virgin.

But thinking about her lips around my cock, and the perfect fit of her snug cunt, the memory still turns me on.

“Get out of my fucking way.” I’m done. I need a shower. To wash off last night so I can put the entire memory out of my mind. Work is what I need to focus on.

“Are you coming next month?” Dean asks.

“Next month?”

“Hell, yeah. There’s always some fresh virgin needing money.”

“I’ve got better things to spend my money on.” Climbing into my car, I slam the door closed. Putting the key in the ignition, I start up my vehicle. On any other day, all these actions soothe me.

Today it only serves to make my mood darker.

Who is this woman that has somehow gotten under my skin? She’d not even tried either.

The night had been amazing.

When I first entered that room, she looked like a deer caught in headlights. As the night progressed and she got used to my touch, she relaxed, her smile becoming more natural.

Shaking my head, I realize I need to get her out of my mind before I lose it.

It was one night.

That was all it was going to be.

I need to remember it was all I paid for.

Chapter Five


Six months later

Okay, keeping calm had to be something to do. A new job at Dunce International is a piece of cake. Going back to college isn’t happening, and with Kerry now recovering from her illness, an apartment, and sending her to a good school, I need more money. A good job will provide that for her.

Getting the job hadn’t been easy. The program had been a month long with over fifty applicants, all of them college dropouts.

Yep, Dunce International actually has a program within their company to help with college dropouts like me and of course fifty others. On the application I was given, they demanded a brief explanation as to why you quit. I wonder what the other applicants put. For me, I put personal problems as I had to adopt my sister and she’d been sick.

My grades had been brilliant up until that revelation.

It hadn’t exactly been a revelation. I’d gone home early, at least two hours before I was supposed to, when I saw my stepfather raping my sister.

Yep, it had been a huge change in my life.

Fortunately, Kerry is a fighter. She is also in counseling, but that doesn’t seem to be helping. We live in a small apartment, and she goes to a great school.

All from my virgin money.

It had been a shock to get the amount that I had.

Every single cent of it went to helping Kerry.

So, back at work. After one month of tiring shifts, of proving myself, of showing that I had what it took, I got the job, along with four other people.

I’d heard some of the employees gossiping about us behind our backs. There was a bet on to see who would last the longest.

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