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“Sir, I was wondering if I could leave.” I’ve been toying with what to call him all day. Sir, Mr. Dunce, asshole—the list is endless. “Sir” seems more respectful to me, or at least I thought it did.

He lifts up his head.

For several seconds he doesn’t say a word.

I watch as he stands up and walks around the front of his desk. He keeps on looking at me.

“Come here.”

It was very much the same instruction he gave me in that room.

Stepping into his office, I stand a few feet away from him.


Going right up to him, I gasp as he grips the back of my neck, drawing my body close to him.

I’m flush against him, his cock pressing against my hip. He’s rock-hard, and there’s no denying what he wants. He wants me.

When he slams his lips down on mine, I moan. Gripping the lapels of his jacket, I hold on as his kiss turns hard, almost violent as he nips at my lips. That kiss has the power to destroy me.

Moisture floods my panties as my arousal grows. I want him.

I don’t want him to stop.

He keeps hold of my neck as his other hand holds the cheek of my ass. The last time we were together, he left bruises on my flesh. Each time I looked in the mirror, the marks were a sign of what we did together.

As he takes the kiss, I run my hands up his chest to wrap around his neck. This shouldn’t be happening.

We’re not back in that room.

We’re alone in his office.

He breaks from the kiss, his lips trailing down my neck.

“I bet you’re wet for me right now, aren’t you? So horny, so ready to be fucked. Have you had any men since me?”


“So that tight cunt is still new at taking a cock.”

I whimper. “This is wrong.”

“It’s only wrong if you don’t want it.”

“It’s against company policy.” I don’t know how I can be thinking about company policy right now, but yay to me for remembering.

He chuckled. “I’m the boss. I can write any rule I want to suit my needs. This is why I’m going to keep bringing it up. You want me, Faye. Your nipples are so fucking hard right now, I bet they’d be so beautiful if I take them in my mouth.”

Just when he leans down, my cell phone lets off an alarm to remind me I need to pick up Kerry.

I want this. That’s what makes it so bad. I want him and his mouth even if it could cost me my job.

“I’ve got to go pick up my sister.”

“Where is she this late?”

“She has an appointment.” My sister’s business is her own private affair. There’s no way I’m talking about it with him.

“Lucky for you, I’m more than happy to help. Let’s go pick her up.”

He isn’t going to take no for an answer, and with that kiss, I’d wasted time. I need a ride. I only hope Kerry won’t freak out.

Chapter Eight


I have the worst case of blue balls I’ve ever had. This woman, she’s like a fucking addiction. The best kind of whiskey that money could buy. She sits in the passenger seat, looking like I’m going to ravish her any minute.

She isn’t far wrong. If her cell phone hadn’t interrupted, those tits would have been on full display for my lips. Six months away from her was too fucking long. If she thinks I am going to back down from this, she’s in for a rude awakening.

Parking outside the building that specializes in counseling for minors, I keep the car running. It is clear to me Faye doesn’t want to talk about her sister, so I’ve not pushed the issue. Why push something like that? She’ll tell me when she’s ready; I’m not going to do that kind of shit.

Watching her all day was hard. All I wanted to do was fuck her, to take her. To find out everything about her. To know what makes her tick. She rarely smiles. I notice she is always helpful. She not only made me a cup of coffee, but coffee for the entire floor.

I noticed a couple of men watching her. I’ll keep an eye on them. They are married, but a ring doesn’t count for anything nowadays.

Kerry is the complete opposite of Faye.

She has blonde hair, which is pulled up on top of her head. She wears large clothing that is twice her size.

“If you want to walk, I don’t mind.”

“Faye, it’s late. I don’t mind getting a ride home. He’s your boss?”



“It’s not like that.”

“I didn’t think it was like anything.”

Faye opens the car door, and Kerry slides inside. She stays huddled in the corner of the car but gives her sister enough room to close the door.


“Pleasure to meet you.”

She gives me a nod and puts her earphones in.

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