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“You’re not the boss of me here or anywhere else.”

“I’m the boss of you at work, and I need to make sure my staff is taking care of themselves.”

“I know how to take care of myself.”

“Do you? Really? From where I’m sitting, it looks like you’re having a pity party.”

“Don’t even think for a second you understand what is going on here. You don’t have a clue. You shouldn’t even be here.”


“It was one night. That was all it was supposed to be.”

“Well, guess what, sweetheart? That’s not all it’s going to be either.” I have another bite and watch her.

“Why are you doing this?”

“Why am I what?” I play along. She doesn’t think I know what is going on here, but I do. I know so much, and if she even had a clue the extent of the background check I had on her, she’s probably freak out.

Nope, there’s no probably about it.

She would completely freak out.

And I would get it.

“Why are you making this so complicated? You got what you wanted.”

Sitting back in my chair, I watch her. She thinks I got what I wanted. Not a chance. Not even close.

“You’ve no idea what I’ve got. Now, eat your food. You’ll be no good to Kerry half-starved. Now, eat.” We stare at each other, and she doesn’t make a move to put a single bite in her mouth. “Do you want me to come over there, put you over my knee? I can if it’ll get you to do what I want.” I’m not really into BDSM, but just to have her curvy body over my lap with my hand on her bottom, I’m more than happy to oblige.

She glares at me, but starts to eat more food.

Good to know.

She doesn’t like the thought of being spanked.

Finishing my own food, I watch her.

I don’t like seeing her this way.

Completely withdrawn.

This isn’t why I came to her home.

Of course, I have my reasons for coming here and not all of them are in order to help her. First, I want this barrier that has been erected between us to come down. Second, I want her to trust me. I’m not going to run off and shout from the rooftops that she’s struggling. She’s twenty years old, dealing with a sister that is clearly in a bad place. I get it. She needs help.

Also, I want her again.

Simple as that.

I want her beneath me, above me, taking me deep in her pussy and to finish what we started six months ago.

With the food finished, Kerry doesn’t come back out, and Faye doesn’t make a move to go see her.

After a silent coffee, I know it’s time for me to leave.

Finishing the last drops of the shitty coffee, I stand up.

She jumps and quickly gets to her feet.

“I’m going to head out. See me to the door.”

Faye nods and walks ahead of me. I’ve got no problem with that. I like to watch, and she is a sight to behold, curvy ass and all.

With her gaze straight ahead, she doesn’t see how close I get. Just as she’s about to hit the door, I grab her arm and turn her so that she has no choice but to face me. Pressing her back against the door, I wrap my fingers around her neck, tilting her head back so she has to look at me.

“What are you doing?”

“Tell me you don’t feel this.” I press my body against hers, rubbing my rock-hard cock on her stomach. I watch as she bites into her bottom lip. The action is so tempting and sexy I can’t resist tasting.

Kissing her lips, sliding my tongue against her mouth before plunging in, I hear her gasp followed by a moan.

She’s so fucking tempting.

With my other hand, I cup her breast. They’re so soft and she’s not wearing a padded bra, so I can feel the hard bud of her nipple against my palm.

Tweaking the nipple, I rub against her.

I want inside her so badly I can taste it.

“Please,” she says, a little breathlessly.

I can’t help it. Deepening the kiss, I run a hand down her thigh to capture her knee. The skirt is too obstructive, so I lift it up to her waist and go back to lift her thigh up against mine. The movement puts my cock right near her sweet pussy, and damn, I want inside her.

She will belong to me.

I will own this body. It’s just a matter of time.

With every ounce of strength I can muster, I kiss her one final time and take a step back.

“Tell me you’re not wet right now. That you don’t want me to take you to bed and fuck you so hard you can’t think straight.” Keeping both hands on her face, I smile down at her. “Because if you can, then I’ll walk away and never bother you again. We both know that you want me. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

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