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His fingers stroke over my clit, but he doesn’t linger. He slides down toward my entrance.

When he pushes a finger inside me, I gasp. Reaching out to the machine, I hold onto it.

“You’re as tight as I remember. Have you been with anyone else, Faye? I need to know.”

My name from his lips sounds more like a caress. I love how he growls it. To me, it makes him sound so dominant and out of control all at the same time.

“No. There’s been no one else.”

“Good. This pussy is mine. Your body belongs to me. I don’t care what you think, I feel how wet you are for me. How much you want this and I want it too. Make arrangements for Kerry to stay at a friend’s. Tonight, you’re mine.”

“Kerry’s on a school trip for the next week.”

I open my eyes and stare at his reflection.

“Even better.” His hands leave my body, putting my clothes back into place. “Don’t make me wait too long for those copies.” I watch, stunned, as he walks away. He’s at the door when he stops and turns toward me. “Don’t play with yourself either.”

He’s gone within the next second.

My body is bereft at the loss of his touch.

I can’t believe he’s done that to me.

The last thing I wanted was for him to stop.

Pressing my thighs together, I try to focus on the copy machine, waiting as each piece of paper comes out.

It’s no good.

All I can think about is his hands, his cock, his touch—all of my thoughts are dominated by him, and he did it on purpose. This is what he’s been intending to do.

With all of the paperwork done, I return to his office, hoping to make him see reason.

He’s on the phone and of course he gives me the silent finger as he speaks. He holds his hands out for the paperwork and I’m so tempted to shove it in his face, but I don’t.

Chase is still my boss.

He pushes some envelopes my way, and that’s my cue to leave. To let him finish his call.

Like a child, I’m sent off.

Taking the letters, I make my way toward the elevator, but I don’t want this job to finish anytime soon. I go for the stairs, needing a break completely. Holding onto the rail, I walk down, trying not to think about the pleasure rushing through my body or the feelings he inspires inside me.

When I’m with him, I find it hard to remember that I’m not just me anymore. I have a responsibility to my sister, to take care of her. Failing her is not an option for me.

Even as I try to come up with every single excuse I can think of as to why I should walk away, report him, or just find another position, there’s no denying I want him. That’s the main reason.

I want Chase Dunce.

The need started during our night together. After he’d taken what he’d paid for. The rest of the night, he’d given me a chance to explore his body, to touch, taste, and tease him the way he wanted.

It’s why I can’t walk away.

This is more than just an affair now.

I see it.

We have unfinished business with each other.

What’s more, for an entirely selfish reason, I want him to myself. It’s why I won’t walk away. Why I refuse to leave or to do the right thing.

I’ve been doing the right thing for what feels like an eternity. Would it be so bad to make the wrong decisions? The only person who’s at risk of getting hurt is me. I’m the one that will have a broken heart.

This has to be the craziest thing I’d ever considered doing, and yet it feels so right.

Chapter Ten


The good thing about having a PI, I know everything before anyone else does. Yep, I knew Kerry was going on her trip three days ago. I also knew Faye didn’t have a clue about it. She’d been oblivious to her sister’s impending trip. If she even had a clue, I imagine she’d have done what she could to stop her sister from going.

Still, as I watch the last member of my staff leave my office for the night, I perch on the edge of my desk while I wait for Faye to arrive.

Letting her go at the copy machine had been sheer torture. I’d wanted to keep on teasing her, playing with her body, and showing her all that she’d been missing.

Instead, I backed away, giving her the space she needs, even if it’s the last thing I need.

I’m tired of waiting, tired of watching her, wanting her.

One night wasn’t enough.

We both know it, and she’s fighting it.

I felt her response to me today, and she couldn’t hide it.

Her pussy was still so tight and untouched and coated my fingers with her slick juices. Her nipples were rock-hard pebbles against my palm. The need was so great within her that I could taste it.

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