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She isn’t going to have to wait anymore.

I figure for the past year she’s been up to her eyeballs in responsibility, in having to deal with her sister, stepfather, the lot. So, tonight, I’m taking it all away.

I hear the elevator beep and watch as she steps off, her hips swaying with every step that she takes.

When she pauses at the edge of the room, she takes in how alone we are. Arms folded, I wait.

“I got the document you wanted,” Faye says, coming into the room.


She doesn’t make a move, and I watch her. She holds onto the envelope.

Silence fills the space between us.

“Take off your clothes.”


“That night—consider every single time we’re alone, the same rules apply. I won’t take no for an answer. You want this. I can see it in your eyes, but you want to fight these feelings and you know what? That’s okay. I can handle that. But I won’t have you push me away because you don’t think this is appropriate.”

“It’s not.”


“You’re my boss.”

“Six months ago, I was the answer to all of your prayers.” I stand up and take a step toward her.

She doesn’t back away. With the next step I take, she stays firmly in her spot.

“Do you think I had to pay a hundred thousand bucks for you? No. I did it because I wanted to.” Another step. I’m nearly in front of her when she finally takes a step back. Only she’s not out of the door. She’s pressed up against the wall.

Slamming my hands on either side of her head, I trap her.

“It was one night.”

“And I’m calling in an extension.”

She’s fighting me again. She’s fighting this, and I won’t have that.

So, it’s time for me to pull out the big guns. “Let’s get something straight, either you give me what I want, or I make sure Kerry gets taken away from you.”


“You’re holding on by a thread. You can’t even make a decision right now as to what you want. That girl runs rings around you, playing on your guilt.”

“You don’t know anything about me.”

“For the past week I’ve seen it. She doesn’t exactly hide it, and you don’t hide your guilt either.”

“You’re going to blackmail me.”

“I had no intention of doing it this way, but you’ve left me no choice. You want to keep on hiding and fight this, go ahead. I don’t mind. Push me and see what happens.” I have absolutely no intention of reporting her or of having Kerry taken from her. That girl does run rings around Faye and uses her guilt of what happened to keep her in her place. That, I don’t agree with.

This guilt Faye has, it’s misplaced. I know everything. How she’d been in college when she discovered the extent of the abuse. The death of her mother. The stepfather. All of it.

I’m not about to tell her that though.

“What do you want?” she asks.

There’s fire in her eyes.

“It’s simple.”

“Just tell me what you want, Chase.”

I smile. That’s right, baby, give me that fire.

“I want you.”

“I’m right here.”

“Take off your clothes.”

I step back and close the door, flicking the lock. I don’t mind chasing after her, but the last thing I want is for her to run from me.

Her nipples are rock-hard, pressing against her shirt, and it makes me wonder if all this time she’s needed someone to take control. To make the decisions for her.

I’m not going to hurt her.

What I’m going to do is take care of her the best way I know how.

“Someone might see.”

“Everyone is home, and you’re not needed there. It’s just you and me. Take them off.”

“What is all this going to mean?” she asks. “I don’t … what exactly is it you want? I can’t do anything illegal. I won’t.”

I smile. “It’s simple. You want to keep your sister, you give me everything I want. I don’t share what’s mine, Faye. It’s why I paid the guard that night not to stand outside our door.”


“That’s right. All night long you were alone with me and I could do anything that I wanted to you. No one would have been able to stop me. Knowing that, do you really think I’d hurt you?”

“You’re blackmailing me to get what you want.”

I move in close once again.

Pushing my body against hers, I grab her wrists, putting them above her head. “And tell me you’re not turned on right now knowing there’s nothing you can do. You’re at my mercy. You’re all mine, and I have every intention of getting my fill.”

“You’re not going to offer me money?” she asks with a snort.

Leaning in close to her neck, I feel her shiver. “I know you’re not a whore. There’s a lot of shit I know, and selling your body for money, that wasn’t something you wanted. You’re just lucky you got me instead of someone else who’d have made your night a living hell.” I wait a few seconds for that to sink in. “Think about it, Faye. I’m offering you pleasure, undeniable pleasure, and all you’ve got to do is take it. I want everything you have to offer, no more, no less. No-holds-barred sex.”

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