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“What you want is to fuck,” he said, his jaw clenched. One hand shot out and rudely parted the folds of her pussy, spreading the dewy petals apart. “You’re so desperate to screw I’d bet you’d fuck anything, wouldn’t you?” He opened her wider, insinuating a finger inside her. “Wouldn’t you?”

She moved, her body fluctuating, her hips nudging his hand. “Yes, touch me more.” Her cheeks were flushed with heat and her gold-specked eyes hazed by desire.

Seized by hunger he hadn’t felt in years, he growled, crushing her creamy cunt in his hand. “I cannot fuck you, do you hear me?” The urgency in his voice demanded she grasp their meaning. “Do you understand? I made a vow!”

His finger plundered inside her. He twisted it hard, a brutal move meant to show her the meaning of his words.

But she whimpered, crying out to him in a breathless, hot whisper. “I beg you…” Her cunt rippled around his finger, the swollen muscles clamping firmly to it. She pushed down against it, lodging it in deeper. “Please, more.”

“All you’re getting is this,” he hissed, withdrawing his finger, his arms shaking with restraint as he spread her entrance with one hand and slowly immersed the lower half of his scepter inside her. She yelped, then bit her lip, her eyes widening as her body arched to receive the thick, smooth shaft. The pink, turgid lips of her sex enveloped its circumference, sliding down its width as the polished surface penetrated.

Gabriel went very still as she cried out, her head falling back limply. The swift pounding of his heart echoed in his ears.

Raging need tormented his insides, and he could barely tolerate the pain of the thick, rigid outline of his cock pressing hard against his pants. Watching the rod slip inside her, he wanted to scream, jerk it out, and plunge his dick right there, in that warm, scented heaven that now opened and creamed for its impalement.

Panting for breath, she began to move, a faint circle of her hips around the scepter, needy, aroused little moans tearing from her lips. He hadn’t thought this would please her. He’d thought—he’d wanted—to hurt her. Frighten her. Make her leave and never return, never come back to tempt him or torment him. But her submission—the easy way she yielded, the erotic way she took the shaft inside her and fucked it—was driving him insane.

Gabriel wanted to hit something. Had he not been occupied with a wanton female who had no idea for what she asked, he’d have been causing hell somewhere, slamming things, pounding his fists into anything nearby until his knuckles broke.

His whole body shook with the want to feel her, to bury himself inside the succulent walls of her pussy and forget whatever stood between them. His cock was on fire, jutting out against his pants. He felt the moisture of his cum gathering at the tip, dampening the fabric, and his aching balls felt laden with need.

Damn her! He pulled the scepter out, then shoved it back in again. “There you go,” he said in a savage whisper, twisting the scepter in deeper. “Fucked by a stick.” And that’s all you’ll be fucked by, damn me!

The hot, aroused sounds she made hit him like cannon balls in the groin. His linen shirt clung to his sweaty chest and he felt an urge to hump his cock against anything, anything nearby. Dear God, against her.

She was so damned wet, she took the entire shaft inside her, down to the globe at the end which stuck out of her cunt whenever he buried it completely. “Do you like it?” he rasped, quickening his thrusts.

“Yes, please,” she cried, her breasts jerking as she began to hump it, ride it, her eyes drifting shut.

“And a little slut you are,” he cooed, inching his face closer so he spoke the words into her mouth.

Her eyelashes fluttered open. When their gazes collided, he knew her lust-filled eyes could only be a mirror of his own.

She should’ve been gone by now. Instead she was begging for more, and he was aching for it, aching to give it to her.

“Where else do you want it? Tell me. In your mouth, your ass, where?”

“Everywhere.” Her sultry whisper filled him, skimming across his heated skin. “I want to be filled. I want you to fill me.”

Those wanton words were heaven and hell and everything in between to him.

He flexed one hand at his side, stretching his longest finger. “Let’s see if this will do.”

Stella screeched and bucked when she felt that finger part the entrance of her ass. It burned, stretched, and carved its way inside the tight tunnel. Choking cries tumbled out of her throat as she twisted and arched for more.

“Oh, but you want something larger, don’t you?” His breath warmed her face.

She yelped in pain, feeling something big and thick enter her ass only a second after his finger withdrew. Her eyes widened, the pain of this new, slow penetration stuffing her with a strange sort of pleasure.

Her brain was cloudy, comprehension fogged by her need. “What…what are you doing to me?”

“I’m fucking your ass with my fingers,” he murmured, wrenching the staff into her pussy while he moved two fingers behind her. “Good, hmm?”

She saw his eyes stray downward to watch the dark, smooth rod disappear through her slick folds, his features held tight with a mask of control.

She closed her eyes to block away that expression and pictured him on top of her, imagined the wooden rod was his cock inside her. In her mind, he was fucking her, like he had fucked her in her memories, in Faith’s memories. She was so wet, she felt a trickle of cream slide down one thigh as the scepter continued to stab inside her.

She did not know why he was doing this, why he did not take her, why he did not slip inside her instead of using this object. She didn’t know why she liked what he was doing to her, but she did. She was ravenous, her body burning so hot she thought her skin radiated light like a sun.

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