So, against all the odds, I found a use for the bridal suite at the Kingpin.

At the earliest possible instant, I whisk Mia up to the penthouse suite, with a bottle of champagne in one hand and a bottle of tequila in the other.

We’re locked in a hot kiss in the elevator. We stumble down the hallway wrapped together, and we don’t break as we roll into the suite.

“You’re not going to carry me over the threshold in Marble Manor?”

My hands go straight up her dress. She’s undoing my belt and my jeans as our wet mouths interlock, again and again. “Not right now.” I tell her, “There are thresholds in Boston I’ll be happy to carry you over, though.” I’m feeling her drenched panties. “God, you taste good.”

Between gasps, she says, “You have a family? I can’t wait to meet them. Are they all tall and strong like you?”

She has my cock out, in her hands. Her tongue flicks around her lips. My fingers are inside her panties. My other hand is inside the dress, on fondling and squeezing her tit.

Her hand strokes and squeezes my hard cock while her other hand claws at the hard cheek of my ass and up my thigh. “No,” I tell her, “I’m the runt. All the others are giants. Gods and goddesses to a man and woman.”

Her lips are on my neck. My chest as she pulls my cock between her legs. “Amazing. I thought you just popped out of a mob guy cookie cutter.”

I press up inside and feel her rock as I tell her, “I’m going to eat your pussy and suck you till you scream and gush and beg me to stop.”

She moans. “Well, as long as you don’t mind me gobbling your cock all the way down my throat while you do it.”

“That can work.” She squeals as I lift her by her waist, spin her and sling her thighs over my shoulders. “Can you reach from there?”

But, before I’ve got my tongue slicing up through the wings of her cunt and slipping up into the well of her dark honey, I feel her wet mouth slurp and tug on my cock.

It’s hard to concentrate when she sucks and pulls so sinfully and amazingly on me. I almost come. Especially when she starts to rock her face up and down into my groin. With her breath between the tops of my thighs and all around my balls, and her fingers as they sneak sand snake into my ass, I’m crouching to put strain on my thighs and keep myself present.

Otherwise I’ll lose control.

Like she does while I blow and lick and suck, lolling my wet tongue flat over her wings, popping it into the clamoring, clamping, velvety wet flesh of her delicious cunt. Or when I squeeze her ass cheeks and pull her tits against my abs, while I suck softly all around her hood and her clit.

When I can’t stand any more for the shaking of my knee, we roll on the thick carpet. She’s constantly wrestling and struggling to be on top. Except when she’s thrashing and struggling to be underneath.

“My God, Mia,” I gasp, “what did I do right to win a sex witch like you?”

She bites. “There aren’t any like me,” and then goes back to work.

As she starts to shake, I tell her, “Mia, you are so fantastic. I’m so thrilled you are my mafia princess. I’m so lucky to have you and I love you more than I can say.”

Then she sucks me so sweetly, I know it’s going to make me come, even after she stops to tell me, “I love you, too, random mob guy. Whatever your name is.”

My face is drenched as I tell her, “Don’t you dare say that in front of my family.”

“Oh. Okay. Why?”

“Because they’re all as evil as you are. They would all be calling me ‘random mob guy’ and ‘Whatever your name is’ for the rest of my life.”

“Your secrets are safe with me.”

They are so not.

Epilogue I


Since I’ll have to commute a few times a month between Vegas and Boston, I took a house for us in Summerlin. I didn’t want to move into the Moretti compound. The more my father-in-law kept on at me about how he’s lost two of his daughters now, the more determined I was that we would be living outside that wall.

“Summerlin’s not so far,” I told him. “And you know you’re welcome anytime.”

I resisted discussing how much he would have lost Mia if he’d gone through with giving her to Drago. I don’t know how his problems with Drago are now. He wanted to use Mia as a bargaining point in a power struggle. Seems an insane way to go about things to me.

Poppy is the first visitor to our bright new home.

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