“You’re welcome. What’s funny about it?”

She clicked the set off and turned sideways on the couch to look him over. “Nothing, really. I think I got a little contact buzz from the street earlier.”

“Oh. Well, that’s not a totally bad thing, is it?” His expression was changing as he set his beer on the table and turned to face her.

The heat level was not inching up in his expression; rather, it leaped up by twenty degrees. It was so sudden that it caught Tavia off guard. Apparently, Daric Miles wasn’t up for a lot of foreplay. He was going to be an all-business sort of guy.

Tavia could appreciate that, too. She didn’t fancy a lot of beating around the bush and exhibitions that a lot of women expect. She found them far from being an honest representation of a man’s true intentions. Always. Rarely were they an honest representation of a woman’s intentions, either.

Chapter 4

Tavia gasped as Daric reached for her free hand and simultaneously took the beer from her other. Setting the beer noisily by his, he put her hand on his crotch and flicked his tongue out and over her parted lips.

Moaning low, he pressed her hand onto him and rotated his hips upward and then in a little circular motion. He was hard already. Tavia took over and began caressing him and answering his flirty kiss with her own.

Before she could shift to a more comfortable position, Daric had a hand up the front of her shirt and was teasing her nipple between thumb and forefinger, expertly making her moan, arch toward him, and making both her nipples stand erect, begging for attention.

“Are you sure you don’t want to back out? When the clothes are gone, I won’t be able to stop until I’ve had my fill of you, Tavia.”

His breath was ragged and hot against her neck and chest as he nibbled his way downward.

“I’m sure I want you to get your fill before you stop. And don’t be gentle Ben, either. Own me if you’re going to; don’t tease me, just please me.” Tavia arched toward him again.

Daric roughly pulled her shirt over her head and before it hit the floor, he had undone her bra and it landed with the shirt. They stood in tandem and tugged at each others’ pants until they were in a pile in front of the couch.

Pulling her to him, crushing her breasts against his perfect chest, Daric grabbed her by the ass and hauled her up until she was straddling his erection. He nibbled at her breasts as he walked out of the living room with her and into the bedroom. Not bothering to flip on the light, he made his way toward the bed.

Tavia had her arms wrapped around his neck, pulling his head to her breasts, pleading for him to continue with her tiny moans and vocalizations of pleasure. Her light contact buzz had worn completely off and she was glad. She liked relishing his every movement against her naked body.

Letting her slide down his lower belly, Daric moaned and sighed as her weight pressed her slit over the head of his member.

Drawing in breath, sharply at the contact, Tavia moaned and wiggled her hips until her hot wetness enveloped more of his throbbing cock. She rotated her hips provocatively and slowly as she tongued his ear.

Suddenly, his body tensed under her and he thrust upward, penetrating her to the core. She yelped with pleasure, throwing her head back, and locking her fingers behind his neck.

Finally, Daric placed her on the edge of the bed, still joined with her, and locked a hand over each of her shoulders as he pounded her to multiple orgasms in the sensual cool darkness of his anonymous bedroom.

The final orgasm came with a scream and she left several scratch marks from his shoulder blades to his sides as she arched and convulsed uncontrollably. Soon as she was done, he pulled back, remaining inside her, and flipped her over to continue fucking her doggy style until his member swelled to immense size inside her and caused her to squeal and wiggle with delight.

Pulling out at the moment of his climax, Daric trembled and spurted his hot come over her buttocks and back.

Tavia collapsed onto her stomach, breathing hard, and her heart thumping so hard that it moved her body against the thick coverlet underneath her sweating body.

Daric flopped onto the bed on his side, facing her, one arm draped over her shoulder, fingers caressing her neck.

They lay there in silence, slowing their breathing for the next several minutes. Tavia was quite happy to remain on her stomach, but Daric moved off the bed.

“I’ll get a towel and clean you up. That was awesome, Tavia. I’ve wanted that for a long time now.” He disappeared into the bathroom and re-emerged with a hand towel. “You exceeded any and every expectation that I had about sex with you.” Gently he wiped his spill off her completely and then disappeared into the bathroom again.

Rolling to her back, Tavia watched him come back to the bed with mixed emotions in her heart. “You’ve wanted to do that for a long time, huh?” She could hardly believe that. Maybe he was just saying that because most women want to hear confessions of love and of long periods of desire from the man, even when they aren’t true. Tavia was no such woman. She had no preconceived notion that he’d wanted her before today or that he would want any sort of relationship afterward.

“Yep. Just never had the nerve to ask you out. I’m a chicken at heart.” He leaned toward her and kissed her lips.

A jolt ran through her body at the touch of his lips. “I wouldn’t have guessed that about you.”

He was more than perfectly gorgeous lying there naked, his cock softening and lying to the side, still thick and fuck-worthy. His tattoos were of the dark type: skulls, snakes, occult symbols. They were beautiful on his tanned skin.

“Well, don’t tell anybody; it would ruin my reputation. The guys would never let me live it down.” He chuckled and laid his arms over his head.

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