Gazing down at him, Mitch asked, “Are you nervous around me?”


“Then my point stands. I don’t care.” He turned toward his sister-in-law. “Donia?”

Simon scooted to Mitch’s front. “She came over to invite us to Thanksgiving dinner.”

“We’re celebrating Thanksgiving here. Just the two of us.”

If Simon thought for one second that was what Mitch actually wanted, he would have stopped talking and let the idea pass. But he knew Mitch based his decision purely on what he thought Simon wanted. His mate was selfless and generous and anybody who couldn’t see that had no ability to use any of the senses Mitch valued.

“I want to go,” Simon said.

“You do?” Mitch asked in surprise.

“You do?” Donia repeated happily.

“Yeah.” Simon hoped he sounded more certain than he felt. “It’s time for me to meet your brother and spend time with the pack, right?” He looked up at Mitch, needing affirmation.

“They’ll adore you, pup. And, yes, I think you’re ready.”

Relieved Mitch agreed, Simon took a deep breath and smiled. “Okay.” He leaned forward, inhaled Mitch’s scent, and then looked back over his shoulder. “Can I please help with the food?”

“Simon’s an incredible cook,” Mitch said.

“Sure.” Donia beamed. “How about dessert?”


“My parents, uncle and aunt, cousins, and their kids usually come over too,” Donia said and then seemed to hold her breath, awaiting Simon’s reaction.

Mitch met his gaze and arched his eyebrows in question.

“I’ll make extra pie,” Simon said.

“You never stop amazing me,” Mitch whispered in Simon’s ear once they closed the door behind Donia. He pressed his chest to Simon’s back and curled around him, wrapping his arms around Simon’s waist.

“It’s just a meal,” Simon said, though in truth, it was much more.

“It’s more than that.” Mitch squeezed him tightly and nuzzled his neck. “You agreed to meet an Alpha. You agreed to go to the center of a pack’s territory. And you agreed to be in a new place, surrounded by shifters. I’m proud of you.”

Deeply touched that Mitch understood his fears, Simon turned around and hugged him. “I knew Donia and her family when I lived here.” He looked up at Mitch. “Remember when I told you about that Omega who visited my mom with her grandkids?”


“That was Donia’s grandmother. Her cousins were nice to me when I was kid, so maybe they’ll still be okay to me now.”

“I’m sure they will. Her cousin John’s mated to an Omega. And if any of them give you a hard time, I’ll kill them.”

Simon’s eyes widened. “You—”

Mitch’s lips twitched.

“You’re teasing me?” Simon asked incredulously. He smacked Mitch’s hard chest. “I can’t believe you’re teasing me!”

“Who said I’m teasing?” He grinned. “Say the word and they’re dead.”

“You’re nuts.”

Mitch shrugged and then gripped Simon’s backside and pulled him off the floor.

“What are you doing?”

“Picking you up. Did you eat lunch?”

“No. I like to eat with you.”

“Kitchen it is.”

Telling Mitch he was capable of walking wouldn’t have made any difference, and besides, Simon liked being pressed against his mate’s broad body, so he draped his arms over Mitch’s wide shoulders, wrapped his legs around Mitch’s firm waist, and hung on for the ride.

“Mitch, are you—” Simon tripped at the sight that greeted him when he walked into the bedroom. “What are you doing?”

Mitch glanced down at his nude body sprawled across the bed and then back up at Simon. “Waiting for you.”

“We’re supposed to be leaving for your brother’s house.”

“Uh-huh.” Mitch took hold of his semi-erect cock and began stroking himself.

“It’s…” Simon licked his lips and swallowed down the sudden thickness in his throat. “It’s Thanksgiving.”

“Yup.” With his free hand, Mitch cupped his balls and caressed them.

Simon moaned.

“See something you like?” Mitch teased, his wicked expression causing Simon’s dick to throb.

“We’re in charge of dessert so it’s not as if they’ll go hungry if we’re late.” Simon reached his hands over his shoulders, gripped his sweater, and yanked it over his head. “But we should try to hurry.” He toed off his shoes and shoved his pants and briefs down to his ankles.

Grinning in satisfaction, Mitch rose to his knees and held one hand out to Simon, the other busy jacking the long, thick cock Simon had come to crave.

“Want you,” Simon said breathlessly. He climbed onto the bed, crawled over to Mitch, and lowered his mouth over his dick.

“You have me.” Mitch slid his fingers through Simon’s hair and massaged his neck as he sucked on Mitch’s shaft, slowly bobbing his head up and down. “Feels good, pup.”

Moaning around Mitch’s erection, Simon reached between his own legs, took hold of his dick, and started jerking it. When early seed seeped from Mitch’s slit onto his tongue, Simon’s belly tightened and his balls drew up. He popped off Mitch’s cock, swiped his tongue over Mitch’s glans one final time, and said, “I’m close.”

“Okay.” Mitch rubbed his thumb over Simon’s slick lips before sitting up, rolling him onto his back, and kneeling between his spread legs. “I love your skin.” He caressed Simon’s chest, stomach, and hip. “All of it.” He gripped Simon’s thigh, pushed it up, and slid his palm over Simon’s ass, his fingers dipping into his crease.

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