“I love you.”

Mitch kissed Simon’s calf and massaged his finger over Simon’s exposed pucker. “I love you too, pup.” Reaching his long arm toward the nightstand, Mitch picked up the lube and then dropped it on the mattress next to him. He pushed Simon’s thighs higher and spread them, exposing his channel and hole to the cool air in the room.

Simon shivered in anticipation of what was coming. He loved the heat and pressure that came with being filled and stretched by his mate.

“You cold?” Mitch swiped his tongue over Simon’s hole and then blew hot air on it. “Mmm.” He licked again and again, flattening his tongue to cover every bit of puckered skin on the outside of Simon’s body and then curled it and pressed inside. “I can taste myself from earlier.” He pushed his tongue into Simon again. “It’s making me crazy.” He rose to his knees, scrabbled for the lube, and coated his shaft and Simon’s crease with the slick. “Need to be inside you.”

“Yes.” Simon rested his legs on Mitch’s chest, reached down, and spread his cheeks.

“Lord.” Mitch swallowed hard, brought his shaft to Simon’s hole, and slowly pushed inside, not stopping until he was balls deep. “You feel so good.” He slid out until just his crown spread Simon open and then shoved back in. “So damn good.”

“Harder,” Simon begged. “I need it harder.”

“Anything you need, pup.” Mitch adjusted Simon’s legs so they wrapped around his waist and then flattened his palms on either side of Simon’s neck and began thrusting. “Anything you need.”

“Ah!” Simon arched, scratched his nails across Mitch’s back, trying to find purchase, and eventually dug his fingers into Mitch’s shoulders and hung on for the ride. “Ah!”

Their bodies slapped together, moving faster and faster until finally Mitch slammed his lips onto Simon’s, shoved his tongue inside, and twisted Simon’s nipple.

Simon wailed into Mitch’s mouth as his cock exploded, shooting wet heat between them.

“Yes!” Mitch shouted. He gazed into Simon’s eyes, his expression adoring beyond measure, then he threw his head back and trembled as his cock pulsed deep in Simon’s body. “Simon,” he whispered, curling his arms under Simon’s back and holding him tightly. “Love you.”

“Do you think they’ll ask why we’re late?” Simon asked as they walked up to the Alpha house.

“Not if they know what’s good for them.”

“You could try to be a little nicer, you know. Maybe then people wouldn’t be so nervous around you.”

“Nice doesn’t keep power-hungry bastards away from our pack.”

Having seen more than his share of shifters who wouldn’t hesitate to attack a person or a pack they considered vulnerable, Simon couldn’t argue with that logic.

Without knocking, Mitch opened the door. He held the pies with one hand and put the other on Simon’s back, leading him inside. “We’re here,” he called out, kicking the door closed behind them.

“Uncle Mitch!” Loud footsteps followed the small screechy voice. “Uncle Mitch!”

Mitch immediately dropped to a squat in the entryway, put the pies on the wood floor, and held his arms open just in time to catch a tiny girl barreling toward them. “Hi, Lucy.”

“You’re late.”

“Simon made pie. Does that make up for it?”

“Simon?” she said.

“Hi,” Simon said, amused at the sight of his giant mate holding such a tiny person. “I’m Simon. What’s your name?”

The girl looked up at him and inhaled deeply, her pert nose twitching. “Lucy. You smell like Uncle Mitch.”

“Simon is Uncle Mitch’s mate,” said a handsome man who approached them. Simon did his own scenting and realized he was the Alpha. “I’m Freddy.” He held his hand out to Simon and clutched his forearm affectionately as they shook. “We’re all really glad you’re here. Really glad.” His eyes sparkling with mirth, he glanced at Mitch. “And now I know why you’re late. Apparently my brother’s spending a lot of time making sure nobody can doubt his claim on you.”

Embarrassment warred with pride at the not so subtle implication that Mitch had coated him in his scent. His neck and cheeks burning, Simon said, “It’s, uh, nice to meet you.”

“Watch it, Freddy,” Mitch growled.

The Alpha laughed, bent down, and swooped his daughter out of Mitch’s lap. “Everyone’s in the dining room and they’re dying to see the newest member of our pack.” With Lucy wiggling in his arms, he walked farther into the house. “Come on.”

Mitch picked up the pies and stood. “Ready?” he whispered, holding his free hand out to Simon.

“Ready.” Simon gripped Mitch’s hand and walked into the Blue Mountain Alpha house with his mate, knowing he was finally safe, finally pack, finally home.

The End

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