The past few days with Taylor have opened my eyes. I never thought I could ever love again, and honestly, I didn't think I wanted to. But the universe put her in my path, and I feel like a different man. I already know I’m falling hard for Taylor. These feelings are undeniable and I just hope she’s feeling the same way. I don't want her to leave, and I don’t want to even think about her being with another man. In my mind, and my heart, she's mine. And I can't let her leave without knowing that.

We've had an amazing time together. S

he even helped me plow the roads, and we made cookies. He parents were waiting for her to come home so they could see her before she went back to college. Today has been the hardest day of them all. She's in her room, getting ready to leave. I want to go to her and beg her to stay. Demand her to stay. But I know that wouldn't be fair. She has dreams and goals, and I need to support her. I'm just praying I fit into her plan, in some way.

I walk into her room, and she's just finished packing everything into her purse. I see her wipe away a tear before I walk over toward her. All I can do is fold her into my arms to try to keep myself from crying as well.

“You don’t have to go, princess. We can stay here forever, together.”

“I would love nothing more, really. But I have a life I have to get back to. I have to finish school.”

“I know. I’d never interfere with that,” I tell her honestly.

She looks up at me, and there are still tears falling over her rosy cheeks. I wipe them away then wrap my arms back around her.

“I’m not going away forever, you know. We can talk on the phone as often as possible. And when spring break hits, I’ll come back to visit.”

“I don’t want to share you with anyone else. Especially any other guys.” I come out and say the words that have been haunting me all morning.

“You won’t be sharing me,” she tells me.

“You promise?”

“I promise.”

“You’re mine, princess. No one else’s.”

“Ditto, Hulk.”

I kiss her lips one last time before she goes. When she's ready, I help her into her truck and watch her pull away. Half of my heart feels as if it's following her on her journey. I know she’ll keep her word and that we aren’t saying goodbye forever. I hate I have to wait to have her again. I'm going to go crazy without her. But she's worth the wait, in every way.


I'm in the middle of a project in my workshop when I hear a vehicle pull up. Not expecting anyone, I cautiously make my way to the door. A familiar truck sits in my driveway with a beautiful woman walking up to my house. Even though I want to wait it out and see if she looks for me, my excitement takes over, and I have to call out to her.

Cupping my hands over my month, I shout, “Excuse me, miss! Can I help you with something?”

Taylor turns around and gives me the biggest smile. She runs right over toward me. She doesn't slow down and jumps into my arms. I only hug her for a second then crush her lips to mine. When we finally take a breath, I set her down and hold her face in my hands.

“What are you doing here, princess? I wasn’t expecting you until April.”

“I know, but I couldn’t wait. I don’t want to be away from you like that. It physically hurts me to be away from you,” she says, and I can see the sadness brewing in her eyes as she speaks those words.

“What are you saying?” I look over her face.

“I enrolled in online classes. I can study from anywhere.”

“Is that so? And where is it you plan to study from?” I arch a brow and smirk.

“Your bed, of course!”

I smile so big it hurts. She squeals as I lift her again and spin her around.

She chose me.

She truly chose me.

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