Her surprise soon sobered as she continued to study him, and for the first time he felt her relax somewhat.

“Why didn’t you kill me when you had the chance?”

“Kill you? Christ, killing you was the last thing on my mind—in case you didn’t notice.”

Her gaze dropped down the length of his naked body and rested briefly on his already tightening cock. Jagger bit his lip and forced his body to calm. He was starting to feel like a yo-yo and this woman was pulling his string.

Her blue eyes again met his and the force of the emotions that colored them nearly took his breath away.

“You don’t know what I am.” She moved away, her eyes never leaving the precious satchel that he still held. “How can that be?”

“Look, I don’t give a shit what you are.” He frowned and his voice deepened. “The DaCostas have been a pain in my ass for a long time, and by the looks of it, I’m the only thing standing between you and about twenty jaguar warriors.”

Worry furled her brow and he felt like groaning as her tongue absently licked the luscious red of her lips. “They must have attacked when I was exploring the cave yesterday.” Frantically her gaze wandered the ruined camp and she whispered softly, “If they’ve killed Finn …”

Her voice trailed off and he could see she was upset. “They had a prisoner; he looked pretty roughed up but was alive.”

“Was he a tall blond man?”

The look of yearning in her eyes left a bad taste in his mouth and Jagger swallowed hard before answering.

“No, it was an older gentleman.”

Her audible sigh of relief was short lived; she quickly ran to what was left of a large tent. She reemerged a few moments later and tossed a worn pair of jeans, boots, and T-shirt at him.

“These belong to Finn. You’re about the same height and build.”

He raised his eyebrows but accepted the clothes nonetheless. The small flesh wound she’d inflicted on the inside of his thigh was already healing, and he caught a blush forming as they locked eyes. She looked away, muttering, “don’t expect an apology.”

Once he was fully clothed, he stood silently watching her while she gathered up a few more things from the scattered remains of the camp. Jagger could tell she was trying to act nonchalant, but it was obvious she was dying to get her hands on the satchel and all of the maps and detailed notes that were safe inside.

When she was done, he held out the satchel, his dark green eyes holding hers with a direct stare.

“Do you want this?”

He could feel her heartbeat and the rush of blood begin to churn throughout her system, and it only confirmed what he was starting to suspect. The notes held information that the DaCostas were willing to kill for.

She paused as if afraid to speak and jumped when he continued speaking. “I’ll give it to you, on one condition.”

“And what’s that?”

“I need a name, I want to know what the hell you are, and for the record you still owe me.”

Her blue eyes flashed in anger and she very nearly spat at him. “Owe you? What the hell do I owe you?”

Jagger smiled softly. “If we’re gonna be working together I’m thinking we need to start this operation even Stevens.” He watched her eyes narrow as he moved toward her, and admired her spunk when she refused to move.

“You sound like we’re fifth graders out playing some stupid game at recess.” Her gaze fell to his lips and he smiled.

“It may be stupid, but I’m thinking my earlier injury requires a bit of payback.” Her eyes lowered and his grin widened even more.

Her voice was husky. “What is it that you wanted?”

“Let me show you,” he murmured, and without hesitation claimed the mouth that had been taunting him, calling to him, awakening a hunger that was so deep it was almost painful.

He groaned softly into her sweetness, and deep inside, the cat growled in pleasure.

Chapter 4

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