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He’s alive!

Before I can jump up and hug him, his big, rough hand has reached down and grabbed my wrist. I scramble to my feet and try to keep up as he whisks me down the backstreet and away from the scene of the crime. The police sirens in the distance are getting louder.

My heart thumps through my chest like a nuclear reactor as we turn a corner and rush down a dark alleyway. I’m so thankful to have Ronan touch me again, but I can barely keep up with him. “Ronan,” I beg, needing him to slow down. “Stop.”

Even with all the blood that must be rushing through his ears right now, he hears me. We skid around one last corner and he pulls me into a big, heaving embrace. His heart thuds like a jackhammer behind his muscular chest and his hard biceps squeeze me tight. He smells like sweat and gun powder and electricity. I try my best to wrap my tiny arms around his significant waist and hug him back. My fingers barely meet on the other side of his ripped back.

“Are you alright!?” I ask, desperate to hear good news.

“Are you?” he replies, without answering.

I nod. “Yeah, I’m fine. I’m—” Before I can say another word I’m whipped around and pinned against the alley wall. My eyes close instinctively as Ronan smothers me with a fiery, passionate kiss.

It takes me a second to realize what’s happening, but when I feel his hardness push against me with a desperate longing, I’m immediately flushed with understanding.

I want him.

I return his passionate kisses with my own, prying his lips open with my tongue and jostling him in an ecstatic battle of pure lust.

He pushes me against the brick alley wall and I sink into the puffy lining of my jacket, all the while clawing at his coat, trying to get my hands on his hard, heaving body.

It doesn’t take me long to strip him of his cover. His leather slips onto the alley floor and I’m given direct access to his steaming muscles. He pants like a wild beast as his passionate kisses wander from my lips down to my neck. I squirm with pleasure as he engulfs me beneath his will. His thick tongue lashes against my tender skin and his teeth graze my tingling flesh.

I sigh with pleasure as he rips open my jacket and takes a big handful of my tits in his palm. I feel so small under his grip, yet so powerful. Something huge is emerging from below his waist and it’s desperate for me.

Ronan’s tongue lashes along my collarbone and I pull at his belt like a madwoman. My hips are a whirlpool, swaying in uncontrollable circles around his thrusting pelvis. My whole body is on fire, yet I’m as wet as a raging waterfall.

When I feel his belt come loose, I push myself forward and nibble on Ronan’s ear. The scruff of his short beard lightly brushes against my tender cheeks and I’m thrown into a frenzy.

“Fuck me,” I hiss, without thinking of the consequences.

“With pleasure,” he growls.

My neck snaps back and I barely withhold a rousing howl. Ronan’s pants have dropped down to his ankles and I can feel his manhood throbbing beneath the last thin layer of clothing between us and a gritty heaven. Ronan bites at my neck and I run my hands through the back of his hair. We both push so hard against one another that we threaten either to break through the brick wall behind me or implode into a singular person. I can feel our heartbeats sink up as our chests heave in tune.

Ronan’s thick fingers find their way to the top edge of my jeans. Feeling the touch of his skin so close to my privates is enough to drive me wild. I wrap my legs around his chiseled waist and let his thrusting body hold me up against the wall. Without a wasted movement, Ronan tears my pants down my thighs, then he takes both of my calves in one hand and pushes upwards, until I’m staring straight at my knees.

Now, except for my thin panties, I’m completely exposed to him. I gasp up into the night sky and my breath swirls above us. Ronan pins his shoulder against my upturned legs, keeping them in place, as he runs his hand down my bare thigh, and then in between them. It takes all of my willpower not to scream out in glee. Only a whimper escapes my tight lips, as Ronan pulls aside my panties and slips two burly fingers into me.

The uncontrollable shivers that run through my body make everything I’ve ever been through worthwhile. The fear, the dread, the hopelessness—it all evaporates in the heat of Ronan’s touch. I only shake and tremble with overwhelming ecstasy now. His big fingers slip in and out of me, until he bends them upwards ever so slightly and I can’t hold back my screams of joy anymore.

He stifles my cries with a kiss. His fingers pull out of me and he spreads my legs apart. I wrap them back around his body and stick my fingers into the top of his briefs, pulling down until I can feel the significance of his exposed girth rising up between my legs.

He’s huge. Everywhere. I don’t even need to look. I lead him into me with no regard for anything in this world other than the pleasure he can bring.

Fuck me, you beastly stud. I don’t want any mercy.

Ronan reads my mind.

With his mouth still wrapped around my lips, he thrusts deep inside of me until there isn’t any room left. His hard pelvis smacks against my soft stomach and I whimper down his throat. He absorbs my cries of pleasure and pain, slowly pulling out, and then ramming back into me in an explosion of carnal ecstasy. Our sweaty skin sticks and steams, engulfing us in a fireball of lust and desire that blinds us from our grimy surroundings. We’re in our own world now, and I don’t ever want to be anywhere else. This is the thrill I’ve been looking for. This is life.

Still pinned against the alley wall, I frantically push against Ronan’s hard chest, trying to meld into him. He has one hand squeezed around my upper thigh and another slowly wrapping around my neck. I swirl my tongue in his mouth and sway my hips around his waist until he starts to thrust so hard that all I can do is take it.

The lustful rhythm of our smacking skin fills my ears. My fingers push against Ronan’s heart and our pulses sync up. We become one as the fireball we’ve created rages to a climax. A special thrust from my Irish bad boy sends me over the edge. I feel all the darkness in him and all the light as he makes his final push into me with all of his strength. I feel so powerful to be able to take his full force. He rumbles and I tremble, and together we erupt.

“Ronan...” I cry, shaking like a leaf around a great oak tree.

“Nia...” he rumbles back, taking one last bite of my earlobe.

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