“Oh my God,” Katy mock-moans. “How did I give birth to such a terror?”

I giggle.

“Who knows? But Henry’s pretty cute, if you ask me.”

“He’s a holy handful!” Katy exclaims. “I’ll sell him to you for five dollars. No, make it four.”

“Oh no,” I laugh while patting my bulging belly. “I’ve got mine on the way, but thanks.”

My belly literally ripples at that moment, and Katy smiles when she sees the telltale movement. “I still can’t believe you’re having twins, Emma. It’s crazy! Are you ready?”

I shake my head.

“Nope, definitely not. But you have to admit: it’s kind of perfect given my situation, right?”

She laughs. “Yeah, it really is because the babies have two daddies!”

I beam. “Yeah, and I have this crazy idea that Gray fathered one twin, and Joseph the other. But neither of them want any genetic testing done. As far as they’re concerned, the babies belong to all three of us, so it doesn’t matter whose DNA did what.”

Katy nods with approval. “These kids going to be very lucky to have the three of you as parents.”

“I hope so,” I sigh. “Everything’s just worked out so perfectly. You know that Gray bought the penthouse next door, right? That’s why we have this construction going on still. We had some walls torn down so that everything is connected now, and we’ve added a nursery as well as a bigger laundry room. I’m basically living in Heaven,” I sigh.

Katy nods.

“It’s gorgeous and you’re going to have so much space. But what about school, Emma? Are you still at SVA? You know I never finished my degree there, but I will after Henry gets a little older.”

I shrug.

“Yeah, I’m in the same boat. I’ve withdrawn for the semester to focus on my pregnancy, but I’ll probably go back after the babies are born. Although with twins, it’s going to be a full house, so I don’t know that there will be much extra time.”

Katy nods wryly.

“Girlfriend, I could barely manage with one child, and you’re having two. You’re going to be up to your ears in diapers, formula, and millions of spit-covered nappies.”

I nod. “But it’s going to be fun and so fulfilling,” I beam while rubbing my belly again. “I can’t wait.”

Katy grins mischievously. “Me neither. By the way, did I tell you that I’m excited to have you as my stepmother?”

I almost spit my tea out, laughing. “God, that sounds hysterical. Stepmother is such a strange word, especially because we’re the same age. Hell, we used to be college roommates!”

Katy just shrugs mirthfully.

“But it’s true,” she says.

Rolling my eyes, I shake my head at her. “Not technically because I’m not married to your dad. Joseph and Gray are my boyfriends, but we haven’t tied the knot, so you have no right to call me your stepmom.”

Katy merely wiggles her eyebrows. “We’ll see.” But then she changes the topic of conversation. “By the way, what happened to that woman who wrote you the dirty note? Did she go to jail or anything? I know my dad got her fired from her barista job.”

I sigh.

“It’s kind of a weird tale. After we found out it was Siri, yeah your dad got her fired from Everyman, but then we didn’t do anything else. I mean, it seems so childish. Cruel, but childish, and Siri’s only a young girl herself. It seemed too much to file a police report when really, she’d been playing a prank more than committing a serious crime.”

Katy nods.

“Yeah, that sounds like a wise move. Do you know where she is now?”

I shake my head.

“I have no idea, but good riddance. I think Joseph maybe referred her to some counseling because he has a kind heart, but I certainly don’t plan on ever seeing her again. What she did was just so lame and made me miserable when it was happening.”

Katy nods.

“Totally understandable. I agree. It seems like she’s just really immature with that ridiculous cartoon porn. How stupid.”

My friend’s about to go on, but at that moment, the lock sounds with a snick, and who appears but my handsome lovers. They’re gorgeous as usual with their patrician features, dark hair and athletic builds.

Gray and Joseph stroll in, as Katy practically bounces up.

“Hi Dad!” she calls gaily. “Hi Gray. Let’s go, Henry, it’s time to head home,” she says, grabbing her toddler. “Byeeee!” she sings on her way out.

The door shuts and I sit there, stumped.

“Wow, that was fast,” I remark. “It almost seemed like she was in a rush for some reason, and you didn’t even get to say hello to your grandson,” I say to Joseph.

He nods.

“Yeah, but it’s okay. I see Katy and Henry plenty, and besides, we have something we wanted to talk to you about, Emma.” With that, both Joseph and Grayson sink to one knee in front of me, looking utterly handsome in their dark suits with their hair swept back. Is this really happening?

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