I sink nervously to the seat. Senator Packard is absolutely gorgeous as well, with dark hair and blazing blue eyes. The handsome man gets up and strides over to shake my hand. I get up too and see that he’s slightly taller than Joseph but just as broad and athletic. My small palm is swallowed in his larger one and electricity sparkles in the air between us.

“It’s nice to meet you,” Senator Packard says in a smooth tone, his gaze amused as it trails over my curvy figure. “Joseph had some great things to say about you, so I had to meet you myself.” He motions to the chair once more. “Please, relax honey. Don’t think of this as an interview because Joseph and I are nowhere near that scary.”

I nod and bite my lip while taking a seat once more. Yet, my heart is racing because what’s happening? I’ve never been in a room alone with two such charismatic, powerful men and it’s making the adrenaline surge in my veins. Yet, I can feel in my heart’s heart that this is more than just an interview. Senators Mellon and Packard have something special coming my way, and now, I can’t wait to see what it is.



* * *

As I turn to gaze at the curvy girl, my body goes hard. Shit, this is so wrong. Emma’s come in for an interview, and clearly has no idea of the filth I have planned.

After all, why would she? She’s my daughter’s friend and as sweet and innocent as they come. She’s wearing a blouse and skirt, as befits an interviewee, but I know we’ll have those off in no time. After all, the heat between us is strong, and the fire was lit a few months ago.

It was more an accident than anything. I swung by Katy’s dorm at SVA on a whim, and my daughter wasn’t there. Who knows what she was doing? Probably hooking up with Brad, my old chief of staff.

But it didn’t matter because Emma was home. She smiled when opening the door, and invited me in. Then, everything went haywire. I couldn’t resist because the young brunette is so curvy and gorgeous that I had to see what her lips tasted like. Like a caveman, I pulled the young woman into my arms and practically assaulted her lips, but she moaned into my mouth and melted against me as we explored one another. Like a madman, I kissed her in a frenzy, even squeezing her tits and stroking between her thighs for a few seconds before sanity took control.

After all, Emma’s what? Eighteen, nineteen? She’s my daughter’s old dorm-mate for crying out loud, whereas I’m an old coot and a politician too. She’s certainly too good for the likes of me, and yet after that kiss, I haven’t been able to get her out of my mind. It got to the point where I actually told Gray about Emma, and now, we’re predators lying in wait before circling in for the kill.

That’s the dirty secret that would tank our careers the moment it got out. Gray and I both have a taste for young women, which isn’t so bad in and of itself. After all, Manhattan is chock full of rich old dudes with pretty young things on their arms. But our secret is more rancid than that. Gray and I like to share our women because it makes the encounter that much more pleasurable. When a curvy girl’s experiencing cock two different ways at once, that’s what really gets our goat. Yet we indulge only on occasion and very discreetly too. After all, our careers would be ruined if the public discovered that their elected officials are actually poly-players, and given this political climate, we’d be out of a job in no time.

Yet, we’re risking it all interviewing Emma now.

“Um, so I’m an art major at SVA,” she begins tentatively. “I hope that’s okay. Is there artwork you need done for your campaign, perhaps?”

Gray chuckles low in his throat, those blue eyes flashing.

“Yes of course,” he says smoothly. “We’re always creating flyers, mailers, and newsletters to keep our electorate abreast of new developments, although in the recent era, most of that’s on-line now. But more important than any particular major are your principles, work ethic, and what drives you to excel everyday. Really, character counts much more than academic concentration.”

Emma nods and bites her lip.

“Yes of course, and I’m sure I can meet those expectations, sir. I’ve never shied away from hard work and I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty either.”

I nod with approval. “Good. There are a lot of mundane tasks around the office, such as organizing documents, filing statements, and managing our voter database. But in the end, everything we do here is a part of a bigger picture, and that’s what makes a difference to the residents of our districts.”

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