“Yes, I understand,” Emma murmurs. Then she casts a shy glance from under her lashes at Gray, before turning back to me. “Um, just to be clear, would I be interning for the both of you simultaneously? Or would I be resident in one office, and temporarily staffed in the other? I just want to make sure,” she says hastily.

Gray glances at me before nodding, his handsome features giving nothing away.

“Well,” he rumbles, “it would be something like that. We haven’t worked out the details exactly, but it would be a joint position.”

“A joint position?” Emma murmurs in surprise, her eyebrows drawing together. “So I’d be working for both of you?”

Gray and I look at each other and smile.

“Yes, absolutely,” I growl. “After all, you’re more than qualified, honey.”

I can tell that Emma’s confused since we’ve hardly asked her any questions about her career goals, but that’s okay. Gray interjects in a smooth voice.

“Brad and Katy speak highly of you, and as you know, Brad is a seasoned political operative. We have every reason to believe you’d be perfect for this new position.”

With that, Katy looks relieved. After all, Brad Landon was my chief of staff for almost two decades before leaving to start his own political consulting firm, so the logic makes sense.

“Okay sure,” Emma says while straightening her shoulders. “We’ll figure it out as the job progresses and I’m a fast learner anyways,” she adds. “So should I show up here my first day, or over at your offices, Senator Packard?” she asks. “And when would I start?”

There’s a moment of silence that hangs in the air

“Actually, you wouldn’t be working at our offices,” Gray replies in his baritone. “You would be working from our homes.”

Emma looks perplexed momentarily, but then her confusion clears.

“Oh, I see. This is more of a personal assistant position, right? Like I’ll be picking up your dry cleaning, your mail, and scheduling appointments for you. That kind of thing.”

I nod but then shake my head.

“Yes, but only sort of. Gray and I need an intern in a personal sense. It requires the utmost discretion and judgment as well as an open mind and a willingness to try new things.”

Emma looks confused but then she nods once more.

“Of course, Senator Mellon,” she says in a dulcet tone. “Just let me know what I can do.”

That’s the kind of submission that I appreciate in a woman, and Gray and I share a glance before continuing.

“Honey, there are actually some meetings that Joseph and I need to get to shortly. But are you free tonight? We could meet at Joe’s apartment to specify the details of our arrangement,” my friend rumbles.

Emma nods before glancing between Gray and me and tucking a curly strand behind one ear. “Of course. What time would you like me to be there?”

“How about seven?” I suggest.

She nods. “Yes, that works.”

“You remember where I live?” I ask, raising my eyebrows.

She bites her lip. “Yes, Senator. I was there for Katy’s last birthday party, remember?”

I grimace a bit. That party was the one where my daughter snuck away to have sex with her husband in one of the guest rooms, but what can you do? Katy used to be somewhat promiscuous, so I’m simply grateful that that era of her life has ended. Meanwhile, a new chapter of my life is beginning, and it’s important to get everything in order before the real fireworks start.

“Perfect. We’ll see you then, honey,” I say smoothly before standing and escorting Emma to the door.

“Bye sweetheart,” Gray adds, his blue eyes flashing. “I’m looking forward to tonight.”

With that, the curvy girl sashays off, and both my friend and I stare at that large rump swinging before the double doors close. Then I turn to my buddy.

“Do you think it’ll work, or is the shit going to hit the fan?”

He lets out a low laugh.

“Your guess is as good as mine,” he rumbles. “I mean, how many teenage girls are really into becoming playthings for older men? But you never know, right?”

“You never know,” I agree. Meanwhile, my mind whirls as my jaw clenches tightly. After all, I want Emma and I want her bad, but ultimately, the decision is in her hands.



* * *

I look around appreciatively as I take a seat on a pristine white sofa. This isn’t my first time at Joseph’s penthouse, and it won’t be my last either. As New York State Senators representing the 27th and 28th districts, there are plenty of reasons why we might meet at one of our homes. In fact, it’s common practice for politicians to gather privately in order to discuss sensitive matters out of the public eye. As a result, no one blinks when I turn up at Joseph Mellon’s place. Yet, what they have no idea is that Joe and I share a secret.

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