“Turn around and dance for me.”

For another five minutes he watched her dance, loving that she moved so seductively for him.

“Alexa.” Her name was nothing more than a low growl from him, deep and commanding. “Enough. I need you.” There she stood, in nothing but her bra and heels. “Take the bra off.” He saw her throat work, but she listened so well. And then there she was, her big breasts shaking slightly from her increased breathing. The trimmed thatch of dark hair that covered her cunt turned him the fuck on. “Come here, Alexa.”

Alexa moved closer, so close that he could smell the sweet, yet musky aroma of her arousal for him. “Put your leg here,” he said and placed his hand on the seat beside him. “Let me see between your legs.” She didn’t even question him. And when she did what he wanted, her swollen, pink, and wet pussy lips were parted.

This was going to be incredible.

She would be so fucking good.


Yvgeny leaned in, and his warm breath moved along Alexa’s exposed pussy.

Oh God.

He placed his hands on her outer thigh, curled his finger into her flesh, and leaned in so close she felt his mouth against her pussy lips.


Everything inside of her stilled.

“You smell so fucking good.” This almost inhuman sound left him. “You’re so fucking wet for me, so pink.”

The next sequence of events happened so quickly all she could do was close her eyes and ride this out. He gripped her hips, twisted her so she lost her balance, and had her on her back on the couch. He was between her thighs, and his warmth breath bathed her pussy. Yvgeny pulled her labia apart with his thumbs and placed his mouth right over her pussy.

Yvgeny pushed one digit into her pussy, and her inner muscles clenched around his finger. Then he added a second, and before she knew it, he had three thick fingers wedged inside of her.

“So fucking good.” His words were muffled against her flesh. He started fucking her with his fingers, pulling them out and thrusting them back in. Her inner muscles clenched around those digits, and they both made gruff noises of pleasure.

“So. Fucking. Good.” He started sucking on her clit. “This is about you. Your pleasure. Your need.”

She was going to come. She felt it, needed it.

He sucked on her harder, finger-fucked her faster. Yvgeny kept her pinned to the couch with a heavy hand on her belly, and God, did she love it.

He slipped his other hand under her ass and angled her lower half up, her pussy now right up against his mouth. She couldn’t draw enough air into her lungs and didn’t know if she would survive once this was all said and done. She was embarrassingly soaked, could feel her juices sliding down her inner thigh.

“This is about you. It always has been, and it always will be.”

And just like that, she came for him, her entire body going tense, and a tingling starting in the base of her spine. She cried out for him, riding the wave of ecstasy and loving the gruff sounds that came from him.

When he pulled back and looked at her, she saw the evidence of her desire for him on his mouth, this glossy sheen covering his lips.

He rose up another inch, grabbed his huge cock, which was already out of his fly, and started stroking himself. But he looked like he was about to tuck himself away, and she didn’t want that. She wanted him to find release, just like she had.

Alexa reached out and placed a hand on his. “No. Show me.” She knew he’d be well aware of what she was referring to. He made this low sound, closed his eyes, and she saw the tendons in his neck standing at attention.

“I want this to be about you, for you to feel good.”

“Watching you will make me feel good, Yvgeny.” She removed her hand from his.

He made another low, deep sound, but then started stroking himself.

“I want you to come on me. I want it all over my belly, Yvgeny.” She’d never been so dirty before.

He started jerking off then, his focus on her, his hand moving swiftly over his cock. He placed one hand on the wall beside him, leaning forward slightly so their faces were just inches apart.

“You like seeing this, Alexa?”

She nodded.

“You like watching me jerk off?”

Again she nodded.

“You want my seed all over your belly? You want me to rub it in like lotion, so you smell just like me?”

“God, yes, Yvgeny.” She was getting so turned on again.

“Say it again. I want to come while my name falls from your lips.”

She gasped at how aroused she was, as if she hadn’t just come.

“Yvgeny,” she moaned, seeing the pleasure on his face. And then he came, as if her saying his name was all he needed to get off.

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