She looked down and watched the arcs of cum shoot out of the tip of his cock and bathe her belly. It was hot, and she sucked in a breath every time more landed on her flesh. His big body shuddered above her, and his groans of pleasure and completion filled her head.

When he stilled, he reached out and rubbed his seed all into her skin. But God, did she like it. He was still breathing so hard, and the fact she’d been the one to make him like this had satisfaction consuming her.

“Kiss me,” she whispered, and he did just that.

After long seconds, he finally broke away and lay next to her. Being held protectively by the man she loved was exactly what she wanted right now.

This was who she was supposed to be with, and she knew that with every cell in her body.


Several days later

Since Alexa had been with Yvgeny just days ago, her feelings for him had exploded. She loved him, wanted a future with him, but his worry for her and his fear that his lifestyle would somehow ruin her made her wonder if he could get past it all.

“Are you coming out with us tonight?”

She looked over at Vasilisa. “Where?”


She knew of the clubs the Russians owned within the city but had never been to that one. Alexa had heard there were drugs that usually got exchanged through the younger, techno clientele, and it was not something she’d ever wanted to be in the middle of. “It’s not really my scene.”

“You know Yvgeny and the others make sure everyone is safe. They don’t allow shit to go down.”

Alexa nodded. “I know, but I heard there were drugs—”

“That was before. This is now.” Vasilisa moved an inch closer. “Do you know what they did to the man they found out was selling the drugs in their club?”

Alexa could only envision what had gone down.

“Use your imagination on the grisly details.”

She felt her throat tighten as thoughts slammed into her, images of what they probably had done. But she didn’t feel disgust at the thought Yvgeny might have been in the thick of it. Alexa didn’t flinch that he had a dark past, present, and future.

She wanted him regardless.

“Come on,” Vasilisa said, her accent thick but her voice sweet. Vasilisa knew about the Bratva, and from what Alexa could see, Aleczander had taken an interest in her a few nights ago. Curiosity got the better of her, or maybe she was stalling in responding to Vasilisa.

“What’s going on with Aleczander?”

Vasilisa looked down, her cheeks turning pink.

“Nothing is going on between us.”

Alexa found that hard to believe because when a man like Aleczander wanted something, he usually got it. And that feeling was confirmed by the look on Vasilisa’s face.

But a man like Aleczander—like Yvgeny or any other man in the Bratva—didn’t take what they wanted if it came from an unwilling woman.

Maybe it was stereotypical for people to think that because they were the Russian mafia they liked to kill, rape, and torture. But the raping part was a no-go. She knew that and loved Yvgeny and the Bratva because of it.

Without them, her sister Zoey wouldn’t be where she was. Without Yvgeny and Sergei and the rest of the Bratva stepping up and taking care of Zoey’s abusive ex, her younger sister would have probably been dead right now.

“It’s one night. You’ll be safe there, and I think we both could use some us time.” Vasilisa smiled.

Alexa couldn’t deny or argue those points. “Okay,” she agreed. “But if it sucks we’re gone.”

Vasilisa grinned wider and nodded. “Absolutely.”

Alexa excused herself to finish paperwork, and although she knew this probably wouldn’t be her scene, she was looking forward to letting loose, or at least she hoped that was the case.

Vasilisa watched Alexa leave to get ready for Odin-Dva, glad she’d been able to talk her into getting out and enjoying herself. After Vasilisa had heard about what happened between Alexa and her sister Zoey, she’d wanted to get to know the woman better. She’d become somewhat close with Alexa, or so she felt.

Vasilisa might not know how things worked in America, at least not fully, but she knew isolation and pain. She’d seen plenty of it in Russia in her life. That’s how she’d gotten involved with the Bratva … they’d saved her and destroyed the ones that had hurt her.

She’d seen the pain in Alexa’s eyes over what happened to Zoey, and that had touched Vasilisa deeply. It had put them on the same level, and since then she’d wanted to be friends, wanted to be there for the other woman.

Even if that meant taking her to the club and letting her get some steam out.

But another reason she wanted to go to Odin-Dva was because she knew Aleczander would be there. He seemed like he didn’t know her when they’d spoken just days prior, even though they’d met years ago.

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