But fortunately, they’d gotten to both women in time. Vasilisa was hurt, but he’d seen Aleczander there. The head of the Bratva had taken a special notice of the Russian girl, and he’d seen the other man pick her up before carrying her off.

Yvgeny just stared at Alexa, the feelings in him volatile, destructive … heartbreaking. Although no one had been on the upper level but him, he grabbed his cell and dialed the physician the Bratva used. He spoke in Russian into the receiver, telling the doctor to come here right away. Yvgeny needed Alexa checked out, and he needed to go to the basement and kill the fucker that had done this to her and Vasilisa.

The effect Alexa had on him was crippling, and he cursed himself for waiting so long to make her his. He’d wasted so much time, but he wouldn’t lose her now, not after she was finally his.

It was this floating feeling that encompassed Alexa. She thought she opened her eyes, but everything was hazy, dark. Moaning as her head pounded, she tried to move, but her limbs felt heavy, weighed down.

Someone spoke in Russian close to her. It was a man, and his voice was deep, but she couldn’t decipher if it was Yvgeny or not.

God, she felt sick.

“Don’t try and get up.”

She heard Yvgeny’s voice clearly right beside her ear and rested fully back, not realizing she’d been trying to get up. A cool rag was placed over her forehead, and she sighed, feeling the darkness settle over her.

“She’ll be fine, but when she fully wakes she’ll feel pretty ill.” A man spoke. “Give her these, and it’ll help with the nausea and the pain she’ll have.”

“And you’re sure she’ll be okay?” Yvgeny asked, his voice deep, dark, dangerous. “Because if you say she will be and something happens to her that goes against that, I’m hunting you down.”

“She’ll be sick and uncomfortable, but the drugs will go through her system relatively fast since I have the IV running. Just make sure she rests.”

A moment of silence stretched, and then she heard a door open and close. Her mind was so fuzzy she couldn’t remember what was going on, but thinking about it made her head hurt too much.

“Shh,” Yvgeny said, and she felt him smooth a finger along her arm. “Just rest. You’re safe.”

And as if his words were what she needed to do just that, Alexa felt herself drifting back to sleep.

He left Alexa to sleep, shut the bedroom door behind him, and saw the physician sitting on the couch and stopped. “You watch her because your life depends on it,” Yvgeny said. “I have business to take care of. I’ll be back shortly.”

The physician nodded, and although Yvgeny trusted the man, knew he was loyal to the Bratva, this was his Alexa they were talking about.

She came above all else.

“I’ll keep her monitored.”

“You don’t touch her unless absolutely necessary, understand?”

The physician nodded again. There were cameras all over the club, even up here. But they were for Yvgeny’s eyes only. He’d be able to see what the doctor did, and if he was smart enough and wanted to live long, he’d follow Yvgeny’s rules.

“I’ll be back,” Yvgeny said and left. When he said he had business to take care of, that meant beating the shit out of the motherfucker that had put his hands on Alexa.

No, not beating the shit out of him … killing him.

She was his, and any asshole that thought they could get so much as near her would realize what a member of the Bratva did to protect and exact revenge for what was his.

He was in the basement in a matter of minutes and made his way down the long corridor. The basement held the majority of the liquor for the club, but also housed the illegal guns, even some of the drugs they moved to smaller operations. Guards were stationed at intervals, but Yvgeny kept his attention straight ahead, his focus solely on what he was about to do.

Before he went into the room he knew the fucker would be in, he made a left and headed into one of the secured, guarded doors that held weapons. The armed Russian stepped aside, and once he was inside, Yvgeny looked for what he wanted.

This was going to be hands-on, and bloody, so fucking bloody.

He grabbed his weapon of choice, turned and left the room, and headed to where the little motherfucker was—who would be buried six feet in the ground before the night was over with.

Yvgeny’s blood was pumping through his veins, his heart was racing, and his rage was a living entity inside of him. Yvgeny pushed the door open, and satisfaction filled him at the bloody mess before him. The fucker that had drugged Alexa and hurt her and Vasilisa was on the floor on his hands and knees. Blood dripped from his face, and he looked over at Aleczander to see the other man cleaning the red substance off his knuckles.

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