“Right,” I mutter and look to Désirée once more. I back out of the room, not taking my eyes off her until I have no other choice.

Once the door closes, I hang my head and run a hand over my face while releasing a heavy breath.


I drop my hand and turn to face Félix when he calls my name. I spot his brothers all standing there with him.

“You okay?” Félix asks. The way he does it isn’t as my boss, but as my friend. Also, a concerned brother.

Thinking about Angelina’s words, I nod. “She will be.”

At least I’ve got to believe that. Even if it comes, do to me making sure of it. Either way, I won’t be going anywhere until I know she’s well. Meaning I’m not leaving until she’s out of here and home where she belongs.

“We need to find this fucker,” Tristan states through clenched teeth.

“We will, and when we do, he’ll pay for what he’s done,” Félix declares, nostrils flaring and that tick he has in his jaw making itself known.

A silence overtakes us all, and time seems to go even slower. When the door that’s between Désirée and us opens, I straighten from where I’ve been leaning against the wall.

“How is she?” I ask the moment Angelina and Ela step out.

“She should be okay, but we’ll know more in a day or so,” Angelina informs us, eyes bouncing from each brother and myself. “I’ve treated her wounds and given her some antibiotics to kill any infection. She’s also been given a pain medicine that will also act as a sedative for the time being. Désirée needs rest, and until I’m comfortable with it, she’ll stay here.”

“If she’s here, I’m here,” I declare, without even thinking about my words first. They simply came out. Glancing over to Félix, I see him nodding.

“It’s only right you stay,” he mutters, crossing his arms and turning his attention back to Angelina. “Anything else?”

“Yes.” She nods. “I’m sure with the state she was found in, you’re aware of at least something she’s been through. I’ll have to run blood tests, and in a few weeks, they’ll have to be run again to make sure no one gave her anything.”

My anger resurfaces, and I clench my hands at my sides.

“Thank you, Angelina. Anything you need, let us know. We owe you a debt for helping our sister,” Rémy states, stepping forward and shaking Pitch Black’s ol’ lady’s hand.

“You don’t owe me anything,” Angelina mutters, clasping hands with Rémy. “I’m a doctor for a reason. I help people.”

“Regardless, we owe you all the same,” Félix mutters and runs a hand over his face, breathing heavily. “I need to get home. Let Madelaine know we found Désirée.”

“You might also try getting some rest,” Angelina advises and moves to pass us. “I’ll be up and making sure Désirée is okay. Go home, get some rest. Someone will call you with updates.”

“I’m going to stay with Malcolm. I’m not leaving until I see her eyes,” Tristan announces, steps around his brothers, and positions himself against the wall next to her door. Sliding down to the floor, he sits with his knees up and rests his elbows on them.

Félix glances from his brother to me. “Keep me updated.”

“Always do,” I grunt, jerking my chin.

Nodding, Félix, Rémy, and Nicholas make their exit. I pivot on my heel, joining Tristan to wait, granted I’d prefer to be waiting inside Désirée’s room instead of the hallway. But I’m trusting Angelina to let me know when it’s good to go back in.

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