Rand shook his head. “There isn’t a motherfucker alive who is better than you at this internet shit. And if there is, I want to meet him. Fucking brilliant.”

“Yeah, well, there’s a fucking brilliant person born every day. We take no chances.”

“Okay, last time. Baranov brokered this fucking virgin auction. Men were supposed to meet here in Vegas for the damn Cherry Convention.” He cringed. “Yeah, I want to vomit every time I say it. But in Vegas, there’s a convention for every damn thing.”

“But Vegas can’t have legal prostitution. He has to hold it outside of the city. He’s just the host. These guys have been snatching cherries from across the country.”

“Stop with the damn fruit analogy.”

“Anyway,” Rand huffed. “The men are bringing their women to the Dusty Rose Hotel and Saloon outside the city limits. That’s where Yuri, his boots on the ground, is waiting. Making arrangements and feeling secure that they got this thing covered.”

“Dumb fucks.”

Rand nodded before continuing, “When Baranov arrives, we move in. Sanyet snatches him. Take the assholes out. Leave the girls there, waiting for the police while the dust settles. If they were taken against their will, they get a free trip home. And if they were there willingly…”

“Then they make their way to the next auction.”

“Is that what your girl upstairs is going to do?”

“She’s not my girl…”


“She’s a pawn in Rurik’s game.”

Rand arched his brow. “Is that all she is?”

“What else can she be?”

* * *

As soon as he entered the suite, Sasha’s long legs planted themselves on the floor. Even from the door, the long bowstring curve of the calves called to him. Her brown legs were endless, and he needed them wrapped around his back. Around his face. His dick stiffened in approval. His eyes made their reluctant travel from the highway of her legs up to her face. Freezing at the stop sign on her face. She had the most innocent face he’d ever seen. If he could freeze that innocence, preserve it in a nun’s cloister, protected from all the world, he would. But she didn’t live in a cloister. She would have her innocence taken away by someone. And damn if it would be anyone other than him.

He managed a clipped nod and grunt at her greeting. Sasha bit her lip. Her teeth pushing down gently on the soft cushion. The flavor flooded his mouth as if he were still kissing her. Drool pooled in his mouth, and he swallowed. Forcing it down. Stay in control. “What’s wrong?”

Lean brown fingers palmed the side of her face, curling around her neck and giving her ear a tug before she clenched her hand and returned it to her side. “I, uh. I was hoping to get started weeding out offers because the weekend is coming up… And well, there don’t seem to be any requests. Did the video post?”

“It did.”

She bit her lip again. Her brows centered on her forehead, pushing her nutmeg skin together. “Did I get any offers?”

“You did.”

Fists balled at her side, and one foot gave a tiny stamp. “Then what’s going on? When do I get to choose?”

“You made your choice.” Her brows met again, and she cocked her head to the side. He arched his brow, holding her sterling eyes. “Last night.”

Her hands flew up, curled like talons in his direction before crossing themselves over her heaving breasts. She gritted her words out through her tightly pursed lips. “I did not. If you’re talking about the kiss. It was just a kiss. You said I should have a taste of an actual kiss before… I… Before this…”

“Before you sleep with a stranger. Luckily, now you won’t have to. You’ll be having sex. But it won’t be with a stranger. No one will be claiming your offer other than me.”

Her mouth dropped open. The juicy lips created a channel almost wide enough for his dick to traverse. Almost. “You can’t do that.”

“Ved’ma, it’s already done.”

Chapter 6

“What the…” What was he saying? This wasn’t what she wanted? Was it? He stepped forward. Invading her space. His breath fanned the heat rising in her cheeks. His searing stare was a gunshot that set the stampede in her chest off again. “You came here with a plan. It was crazy. It was nuts. But you had a goal when you stalked my secretary. You saw a way to get the things you’d always dreamed of in a one-weekend swoop. I see it happen all the time. Someone gets in their car and drives to Vegas. Bringing their life savings or last paycheck. It doesn’t matter.”

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