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No way was she spilling out all the details of her disaster of a life. ‘I have my reasons.’

Matt’s eyes darkened. ‘I’m not suggesting you give up your sabbatical altogether. Just take a quick break.’

He ran his gaze over her and her body burned in the wake of its trail. Her breasts swelled. Her nipples hardened and molten heat pooled between her legs. Desire whipped through her and she had to fight not to tremble.

A one-night stand. That was what he was suggesting, wasn’t it? How disgraceful. How offensive. And, what with the lust hurtling around inside her, how completely and deliciously tempting.

‘That’s outrageous,’ she breathed, sounding less than convincing.

‘Is it?’

‘I might be concussed.’

‘Are you?’

‘Well, no, I don’t think so, but that’s not the point.’

‘Then what is?’

‘We barely know each other.’


‘I don’t do that sort of thing.’

‘Neither do I.’

‘Then why me? Why now?’

A muscle ticked in his jaw and his eyes burned with desire. ‘Because of this,’ he muttered fiercely, closing the short distance between them, wrapping her in his arms and slamming his mouth down on hers.

Laura didn’t have time to protest. Didn’t have time to resist. Because the minute his lips touched hers what little rational thought she had left shattered. Fire licked through her veins. Beneath his mouth she moaned. Wound her arms round his neck and threaded her fingers through his hair. Pressed herself closer, parted her lips and felt her entire body soften.

When his tongue slipped into her mouth, seeking hers, finding hers, her knees buckled. If she hadn’t been locked in his arms she’d have crumpled to the floor.

Sensation after sensation cascaded over her. Matt slid his hand over her waist, stroked it up her side and cupped her breast. Laura shuddered as his thumb brushed over her straining nipple and arched her back.

Drowning in pleasure, she sank into his kiss. No one had ever done this to her before, she thought dazedly. No one had ever turned her bones to water with nothing more than a kiss and a caress.

And she wasn’t sure she’d ever done this to anyone, either. Matt was kissing her as if it were his sole mission in life. So focused. So damn good. His mouth seemed to have been made for hers. She fitted his hands perfectly. He would fit her perfectly.

A wave of lust rolled over her and she couldn’t stop herself tilting her hips and rubbing herself against the rock-hard length of him.

Her control began to spin away and, totally unsure of whether to be scared witless or tumble him down onto the sofa, she gave in to the pleasure.

When Matt finally lifted his head, she could hardly breathe. Unlocking his arms from around her, he took a step back, his eyes blazing and his breathing jerky. At the sudden absence of his support, his heat, Laura shivered and swayed for a second.

‘That’s why,’ he said, drawing in a ragged breath and shoving his hands through his hair.

Laura blinked and touched her lips with trembling fingers. ‘That’s why w


‘Why you.’ His eyes, still dark and unfathomable, gleamed. ‘As for the why now, well, I have the entire weekend free.’

Ah. ‘I see,’ she said a little shakily.

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