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He reached for the soap but she took it from him and gave him a tiny smile.

‘Let me. All that travelling must have been quite exhausting.’

‘It wasn’t the travelling.’

‘You didn’t really go all the way to Athens just to discuss alternative sources of energy, did you?’


Hah. She’d been so right. He had been avoiding her.

A flicker of amusement flared in his eyes. ‘I also discussed the possibility of raising finance via the issuance of government bonds.’


‘And if this is what I can expect on my return I must do it more often.’

If that was what he wanted to pretend, she was fine with that. Laura grinned. ‘Turn around.’

The flicker of amusement faded. ‘Only a fool would turn his back on such a dangerous smile.’

‘I’m only armed with shower gel. I’m hardly dangerous.’

‘You think?’ he murmured.

A tiny crease appeared between his brows and she lifted a hand to smooth it away. ‘I promise I’ll be gentle. Turn around.’

Matt’s eyes glittered but he did as she asked and planted his hands high on the wall.

Faced with the sexiest back view she’d ever seen, Laura swallowed. She squeezed a ball of gel into her palms and then pressed her hands to his shoulders. Rubbing and squeezing and pressing, she massaged her way over his shoulders, down his back. Touching and exploring every inch of him, every dip, every contour.

She felt his skin tighten, felt his muscles clench as her hands moved over his body. The water cascaded down him, sending the suds rippling to the floor. As inch after inch of glorious back was revealed, Laura put her hands on his arms and moved forwards so that her mouth could follow the same trail as her hands had just made.

Her breasts brushed against his back. She heard his sharp intake of breath, felt him brace himself. As desire began to whip through her Laura slid her hands down his sides, curved one round his waist and wrapped her fingers around the hard length of his erection.

His penis leapt beneath her touch, and as she started to move her hand along the length of him he let out a low groan. His great body shook as she explored him. She felt him shudder, heard his breathing roughen.

Removing her hand, she stood up on her tiptoes and whispered in his ear, ‘Turn around.’

‘If I do, I might not be responsible for the consequences.’

‘I’ll take full responsibility,’ she said huskily, moving back a little, giving him room to turn.

And then she gave him no room at all. Pushing him up against the glass wall, she began to kiss her way down his body. His skin twitched beneath her lips and when she knelt and took him in her mouth, he groaned.

‘God, Laura,’ he said roughly as she ran her hands over his thighs.

His hands dug into her hair and she felt him shudder as she took him deeper. She heard him moan, curse softly, could sense the battle raging within him as he clung on to control.

She wanted him to lose it. She wanted him as desperate for her as she was for him. But then he was pulling her head back and hauling her to her feet and gathering her into his arms. ‘Enough,’ he muttered, his eyes blazing into hers and making the desire swirling around inside her grow and spread and burn.

‘Not nearly,’ Laura said, winding her arms around his neck and kissing him fiercely as he switched the water off and lifted her into his arms.

But when would be enough?

The thought hammered in Matt’s head as he strode to the bed with Laura curled in his arms. Because right now, with desire coursing through him, his head pounding and his entire body aching with need, he didn’t think he’d ever get enough of her.

He lowered her onto the sheets and stared down at her for a second. Her lips were red and swollen from their kiss. Her eyes shone and the smile she was giving him made something in the region of his chest squeeze.

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