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The blood rushing through his head, Matt sank onto the bed beside her. But as he rolled on top of her Laura wound her leg around his and rolled them over again so that she was on top of him.

‘Forget the travelling,’ she said, giving him a demure little smile that made his stomach clench. ‘Carrying me all over the place must be utterly draining.’

‘You don’t weigh much.’

She shrugged. ‘Indulge me. I’ve had plenty of opportunity to Embrace Confrontation and say no. But I think my “getting what I want” needs more work and right now I want you to just lie back and let me have my wicked way with you.’

Desire hammered through him. ‘Oh. Well, in that case, it would be churlish of me to interfere with your journey to self-discovery.’


‘In fact you can practise on me all you like.’

‘You’re too kind,’ she said, lowering her head and brushing her lips against his. So tantalisingly brief Matt’s heart practically stopped.

‘Not kind,’ he muttered. ‘Totally selfish.’

Then she angled her head, set her lips to his and slipped her tongue into his mouth and his blood began to boil. Matt tangled his hand into her wet hair and swept the other down her back over her bottom to pull her tightly against him.

She went still for a second, moaned and then began to move. He felt himself growing harder against her. So hard he was hurting. Matt winced at the ferocity of the ache that gripped him.

‘Are you all right?’ Laura breathed against his mouth.

‘I’m not entirely sure.’

‘Where do you hurt?’

‘Why?’ What was she going to do? Torment him further?

‘Maybe I can kiss you better.’ Oh, yes, definitely torment him further.

‘For God’s sake, Laura,’ he muttered. ‘I’m not made of stone.’

‘So I can tell.’

He gripped her head and kissed her so long, so thoroughly and so hard he couldn’t think straight.

‘Condoms,’ she gasped.

Thank God someone was still faintly in possession of their faculties. ‘In the drawer.’

She leaned away from him, fumbled for a second, then rolled one over him. Nearly passing out with the effort of not climaxing right then and there, Matt gritted his teeth and lifted her onto him.

Laura moaned and bit her lip and Matt’s hands curled into fists with the strain of letting her take charge. She closed her eyes and rotated her hips and panted. Matt’s head swam. His penis throbbed deep inside her. His heart thundered and as her pants became quicker, shorter, more and more ragged, her movements jerkier and more out of control, he couldn’t stand it any longer.

Rearing up, he clasped her against him and flipped her over. Swallowing her gasp of shock he anchored her legs around his waist and mindlessly drove into her.

Shock flashed in her eyes and then vanished as they glazed over with passion. Laura’s nails raked his back as he kissed her. She clutched at his shoulders. Threw her head back and groaned. He swallowed her whimpers and broke off the kiss to explore the soft skin of her neck with his mouth.

Clinging on to his control by his fingertips and on the point of losing his mind, Matt pulled out of her and then thrust again, utterly unable to stop himself from burying himself as deep inside her as he could.

And then he heard her cry out his name as shudders racked her body. She convulsed around him, drawing him in deeper and tighter. With that last remnant of control spiralling off, Matt drove into her once more and hurtled into oblivion.

It took several minutes for his heart to slow and his breathing to steady. When they did, it was as if the whole room had been tossed in the air and had settled differently. Almost the same but not quite.

A smugly satisfied smile curved her lips and his pulse began to speed up all over again. ‘Oh, I knew this was a good idea.’

Matt wasn’t so sure. Something sudd

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