Lifting his thumb, he stroked the underside of one breast, circling the sensitive flesh, making it pucker into a hard point.

“Just what?” he asked absently, all his concentration on the play of his thumb over her nipple.

“I’m just not very well-endowed,” she managed on a strangled gasp as he plucked at the peak until the blood rushed into the tortured tip.

“So what?” he asked, then bent his head and drew the tight peak into his mouth.

She grasped his head, holding him to her as the suction sent an exquisite drawing sensation straight to her sex.

She cried out soft sobs of protest and encouragement, the blood rushing to her engorged nipple as he transferred to the other peak and proceeded to torment it too with his tongue and his teeth.

When he finally lifted his head, she was barely able to stand. Hooking his finger into her panties, he dragged them down. She stepped out of them as he knelt before her, her legs shaking, her hands gripping the bunched strength of his shoulders for balance.

Then to her astonishment he grasped her buttocks in large palms and pressed his face to her sex, breathing in.

“You smell incredible.”

She shuddered, unable to speak or breathe as he used his thumbs to open her up and then licked through the slick, swollen folds. The shocking intimacy made her jolt, but what shocked her more was the pulsing pleasure that rippled through her body with startling intensity as he teased her with his tongue. One blunt finger worked its way into her sex.

She groaned deep in her throat, shaking so much she felt as if she were dissolving into a pool of aching, unbearable pleasure. The loss of will frightened her—she felt as if she were in a trance her decisions no longer her own, her body drugged by his expert caresses.

Withdrawing his attentions abruptly, he stood and pressed her back onto the bed.

She lay down as he directed, surrendering to the carnal hunger. She wanted to cover herself again but she couldn’t seem to move, trapped by his fierce, feral gaze. She drunk in the sight of him as he drew the wet swimming trunks down the long muscles of his thighs.

The erection sprang free, thick and long, curving toward his belly button. Her breath seized in her lungs, the sight of him both magnificent and intimidating.

He was large, much larger than she had anticipated. She longed to feel him thrusting deep, but wondered at her own hunger for the pain she knew it would cause. Pain she couldn’t show him, or he’d know. He was her first. Her only.

He climbe

d over her, caging her in. Her body quaked as the thick erection brushed her hip.

“You’re trembling,” he said, cradling her face in his palm, stroking her hair back with his thumb to brush it behind her ear. “Is something wrong?”

“No, nothing,” she lied. “Can I touch you?” His brows furrowed and she stiffened at her own stupidity.

She couldn’t have sounded more gauche and inexperienced if she’d tried.

“You don’t have to ask my permission,” he said. Taking her hand, he wrapped her fingers round the length of him.

Giddy joy raced through her as his erection leapt to her touch. She watched enthralled as he let her explore with tentative strokes. He felt soft and yet so hard, a drop of moisture appearing like a jewel at the tip. The deep, drawing sensation at her center turned to pulsating need.

“Enough,” he said, drawing her hand away.

Reaching past her, he fumbled for a moment in the bedside drawer then produced a condom. She noticed the slight tremor in his fingers as he tore the foil then rolled the protection over the powerful erection. Did she affect him as much as he affected her?

He held her hips and she grasped his shoulders, opening to him, all her senses, all her needs, now focused on the coil deep in her abdomen.

She felt the blunt tip probing at her sex. He grunted, pressing inside her. Her flesh stretched, so tight, too tight, but then he thrust deep. And pulsing pleasure turned to rending pain.

She choked out a cry, heard his curse as he stilled.

He felt huge inside her, too huge, overwhelming her.

She bit into her lip, trying to relax, hoping he hadn’t felt the small barrier tear, desperate for the bright, beautiful pleasure which had seemed so close moments ago to return.

She wiggled her hips, trying to ease the immense discomfort.

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