Then I felt him roughly pulling my jeans down my legs. I had a vague feeling my panties wouldn't be far behind. I was right, and he ripped the thin material from me, pulling it to shreds. He looked as though he enjoyed it very much, destroying my clothing and seeing bits and pieces of the material clinging onto my skin here and there.

By this point, of course, I was too mindless to be pissed with him about my last pair of undies. I could no longer control my own body. I could no longer control my own thoughts. Whatever his command, both my mind and body obeyed without resistance.

Hence, I just lay there in that very wonton position, naked and waiting to be pleasured by the billionaire.

James lifted one of my legs, and before I knew it, he thrust into me. I gasped the instant I felt that hot, large shaft intimately inside me, burrowing its way deeper.

He was rough and wild, hammering in and out of me unrelentingly as he held on to me tight to keep me imprisoned within his embrace.

"Oh God... Oh God..." I muttered. "Ja-James..." My body coiled and burned every time he pushed into me. I couldn't breathe properly. I gritted my teeth as I stared at him, as my body moved along with his rough rhythm.

He, too, was staring down at me. I noted his dark, intense gaze, the burning within him, the fervent need for release. My whole body shook at the realization of how much this man obsessively wanted me. That game we had played earlier must have built up the fanatical passion within him, the fervid craving, so much so that his need for sex was stronger and wilder.

Oddly enough, I found I loved that. I loved he was wild and rough with me. I loved he wanted me so much that it made me feel like I was his prize.

He must have seen the spark in my eyes and chuckled darkly. It was as if he couldn't control himself any longer and eagerly crushed his lips against mine. As he madly kissed me, his thrusting became faster and more powerful.

Suddenly, he let my lips go. "Mia..." he muttered. "Fuck! Mia!" he said through gritted teeth.

"Ja-James! Uh... Ahhh... I'm gonna come... Ahhh..." I groaned, and then I did, long and slow as I writhed beneath him as my world shattered and darkened. My whole body tensed and then twisted in a coil of burning heat, and suddenly, I was breathless.

When I opened my eyes, James was watching me, a dark look in his eyes. Then slowly, he smiled.

I blinked, still breathing heavily.

James flipped me over so I lay on top of him. I was so exhausted I couldn't move. He wrapped one arm around me and chuckled.

I couldn't find anything that was amusing and wondered why he chuckled. If this happened every day, I was pretty sure I was going to expire in no time. He'd need to find himself a new mistress. I wouldn't last five years. But of course, I couldn't allow myself to perish sooner than the expected timeframe.

I really had to have a word with him about our sex routine and tone it down.

He seems awfully happy and full of energy after such laborious sex, I thought in irritation. But as tired as I was, I couldn't tell him off about that either. Hence, I closed my eyes.

* * * * *



Mia Donovan, the naive girl from the small town of Mystic Spring, with a contagious smile and sexy body, was a hot mess. Her long, dark hair rested luxuriously over his naked skin, draping over him like a seductive lover. Her face was snuggled at the nape of his neck while her naked body lolled on top of him with a sort of careless abandon any man would find alluring.

She was still breathing heavily, exhausted from their unexpected morning sex. Well, unexpected on her part. For James, however, he'd known since he'd made the offer for a contract that morning sex with her was part of the deal. Honest to God, what man wouldn't want to make love to such a beautiful, lascivious body? The body that had innocently, seductively enticed him since the first time he'd met her? The body that obeyed his every command?

Sex with Mia Donovan was definitely amazing, and James hadn't had that in a long time. Not, in fact, since his first time with his ex-wife Whitney when he had been twenty-one, after they'd had their first date.

The heat and softness of Mia's body and breath tugged a warm feeling deep in his heart. She felt good in his arms, as though she'd always belonged there. She was a perfect fit; one that made him smile, one that made him feel complete, whole, and just awesomely content.

As instantly those feelings came, however, he thought, Shit! What the fuck are these feelings?

He certainly didn't want to get emotionally involved with the opposite sex--with Mia Donovan especially. She was just his mistress, after all. Their contract, and hence their relationship, was just that--sex. Nothing else.

To get emotionally involved was to ask for trouble, and James certainly didn't want trouble where his feelings were concerned. Besides, he'd had that particular shit with Whitney and look how it had turned out. Screwed. So fucking screwed. And that repulsive woman was still screwing with him, taunting him whenever and wherever she had the chance, provoking him with her presence and extravagant lifestyle and, of course, her refusal to see her own daughter, not even once after she'd run off with another man.

Even during the tumultuous period of their separation before the Gordian knot of their relationship was finally cut, she'd caused a lot of trouble, not only for him, but for his entire family as well. She'd always disliked his old man Bernard Maxwell, and even Scott and Eric were both on her blacklist.

The fact that she disliked his family background immensely really shocked him. Why the fuck did she agree to marry him in the first place? Her decision and her way of thinking was a mystery to him, and he wasn't in any mood--either in the past, now, or in the future--to find out.

Even though his thoughts were dark and dismal in regard to the opposite sex, James, without thinking, moved his hand and cupped the back of Mia's head, his fingers and thumb intertwining with her long hair. She had lovely hair, and it was only natural he buried his nose in that long softness to inhale the scent.

What was it? That beautiful scent. He needed to find out.

Mia lifted her head then and stared at him.

James watched her with interest. She had that particular radiance on her face again, that look that James knew she wore whenever she wanted to be ravished by him. He'd seen it the first time when she ran into his room naked that first day and once again in his office back at the mansion when they'd been negotiating the deal. She'd worn it yesterday, too, after she'd signed the contract. That had been why he couldn't stop himself from taking her, even though her words had suggested otherwise--that she had been afraid, unsure, and tired.

He knew she was afraid of him and what would happen after the contract was signed and sealed, that she was unsure of the process and she was tired from her journey. But that particular look on her face--the please fuck me

face--that irresistibly lewd expression that begged him to ravish her without her uttering a word, that was the point of no return for him. He had surrendered to the inevitable and took her. He'd known he'd been rough with her, but God, it had been great sex, even for her first time.

This morning, too, she had that please fuck me expression clearly on her face. Oh, the excitement he'd seen in her eyes and the seductive yet defying voice when she was disobeying him--that had turned him on in an instant. He felt like an elephant in heat, ready to stamp her and brand her with his kisses and bites. He'd been ready to fuck her in the most primal way. The thrill of chasing her and then aggressively taking her was exhilarating, and the sex was some of the best he'd ever experienced.

With the reminder of this morning's game combined with that particular look on her face, James couldn't help himself and drew his head to her again. His lips met hers with a searing kiss.

"Ngh..." She groaned. "Mmm..."

He loved it when she made those erotic sounds. To him, they were a type of pleasure meter that gave him indication of how much she enjoyed being with him.

Encouraged, James arrogantly kissed her more passionately, his tongue wild in her mouth; stroking her, licking her, and dancing with her. God! She tasted good. He was completely addicted to Mia Donovan, and that was fine with him.

When he drew his head back, she looked beautifully dazed. Her eyes were bright, cheeks flushed, and her lips red and swollen with moisture from his kiss.

She lay there staring up at him, breathless. James couldn't take his eyes off her as he stroked her cheek. Once she'd calmed down and her breathing evened, without a word, she pushed herself off him and moved over to the other side of the bed, intending to get up. He wouldn't have any of that, however, and caught her arm in an instant. He easily pulled her back to him, tugging her tight in his embrace.

"Huh!" She made the sound as she pulled a face.

James couldn't help but think how pretty she was with that particular expression. The woman was disarmingly beautiful in every countenance.

"What's that smell on you, Mia?" he asked, burying his face in the nape of her neck. God, he loved that scent. It suited her.

Mia tried to push him away. He held on tighter as she said, "I would have thought you'd have figured that out already, Mr. Maxwell."

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