I gazed at him. He seemed to be in full control of himself, unlike me.

"We have to stop," I said.

"Why?" he asked bluntly, removing his hand to massage my breast instead.

"You know why," I said, shivering deliciously. "We have to stop. The clothes. We'll ruin the clothes."

He chuckled. "We're not stopping," he said.

I widened my eyes in shocked surprise. "But, James!"

I couldn't protest anymore, as he slammed his lips against mine, shutting me up. Then he proceeded to slip his tongue into my mouth and worked on making me lose my mind once again.

I was so lost in the wild, passionate sex in this public place and the beautiful, intoxicated feelings James was giving me that I didn't realize he was ready for me until he inserted his hardened shaft into me.

"Ahh... Ohh..." I groaned sweetly in satisfaction. "Ngh..."

I was riding him, my back against the now-warm mirror and James squeezing me, plunging in and out smoothly, driving me insane.

"Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!" I moaned continuously.

I got to the point I just didn't care who could hear me anymore nor who could see me in this wanton position. James made me this way. James made me wild, and I loved being this person. I loved being in his arms and him fucking me.

I clutched him as he pounded into me, his hard manhood hot inside me.

"Fuck, Mia," he said, breathless. "Wrap your legs around me."

I hugged him tighter against me and did as he told me, wrapping my legs around him.

"Hmm..." I groaned. The contact was even greater in this position. I felt him--all of him--inside me, and I was wrapped around him tightly and seductively.

James continued to pulsate into me while he kissed me passionately.

"Oh James!" I cried out loudly. "I'm coming. I'm coming," I groaned. "Ahh.... Hmm... Ngh..."

James lifted me higher and did one last, hard drive in and released me from my exquisite torture.

"Ahh..." I groaned, clutching him tight against me. I came, long and hard, my core twisting inside me and my body tensed.

I collapsed on James, my whole body shaking from the experience. I had my face buried deep in the crook of his muscular neck, inhaling his scent, loving it.

He moved slightly and kissed my neck and then buried his nose in my hair. He was breathing quite hard as well, so it wasn't only me who was exhausted from this particular session.

It was then I came back to reality. Shit! We'd just had sex in public, in a shop's changing room!

I drew back from him at lightning speed and just stared up at him, my face red with embarrassment. I licked my lips. "James! We just did it here!"

He understood my statement and smiled. "It was nice, wasn't it?"

I frowned. "It's indecent," I snapped as I unwrapped myself from him, struggling to stand on my own two feet. Thank God for the mirror behind me, supporting me. Otherwise, I knew I'd collapse to my knees the moment I let him go.

He took a step back and picked up my panties amongst the expensive dresses. I quickly snaffled them from him and said, "I'm getting dressed."

He chuckled. "Do it quickly." He gave me a hasty kiss on the lips before exiting, leaving me alone to sort myself out.

* * * * *



I stared, wide-eyed, at the ten or so boutique shopping bags sitting prettily on the sofa and felt more than a little awed. Those were all for me. I couldn't believe it. James had bought all those for me, those clothes I'd tried on three or so hours ago back at Fleur.

After that unexpected, intense lovemaking session in the changing room, after I'd finished organizing myself into some sort of a decent girl who hadn't gotten ravished by a billionaire in public, that he'd purchased every single item given to me to try on, including, of course, some undergarments.

And now... now he expected me to get ready for dinner? With him and Tory and his other friends? I suspected William was one of those friends mentioned.

I pulled my face sourly and thought it would have been nice if he'd told me earlier instead of just a few minutes ago before he left to attend to his business once again.

I sighed and pulled a bag to me. I peeked inside, and instantly, my eyes brightened with delight. It was the pink dress I loved. I hastily took it out and held it at arm's length.

I couldn't help myself and rushed into the bathroom to try it on. I thought I looked good in it and smiled gleefully. I was just taking it off again when I heard knocks at the door. In haste, I pulled on Andy's shirt and jeans. Once dressed, I rushed back out.

The moment I saw Andy at the door, he pulled me into his arms.

"I'm sorry," he said.

I was confused for a moment, wondering what he meant. When he finally did let me go, I asked, "What's wrong?"

I noted he looked sad and pissed at the same time. Though I didn't know what his troubles were, I was desperate to find out. I opened the door wider and told him to come in.

He glanced around the place in appreciation. When he saw the bags on the sofa, he snorted sarcastically. "Is that his apology?"

I was even more than a little lost as to his meaning and asked, "What?"

"Mr. Maxwell? He bought all those for you?"

I blushed. "Hmm."

"He treats you like his toy, doesn't he?" He sounded angry and his face was dark. "One minute nice and the next... Shit! I thought he'd be different."

He threw himself onto an empty chair and raked his fingers through his dark hair.

"James isn't like that," I said. "He doesn't treat me like his toy... At least I don't think so."

He eyed me and pulled me into his arms, hugging me tight. "Mia, I don't want you to be like me. Not knowing where this is going. Whether it's even normal to be in this type of... relationship. I tried. I tried to get you out of this mess. But I'm just so useless."

I moved back a bit and smiled to encourage him. "You're not useless, Andy. You've done your best."

He chuckled sadly. "You're just saying that to make me feel better."

I smiled guiltily. "Yes, I am. Now stop moping. As you can see, I'm totally fine. Be a good brother and stop making me worry about you so much."

He laughed then. "Oh, Mia. I'm never going to stop worrying about you until you meet a great guy who loves you and really cares for you."

I swallowed hard, for his words tugged both the longing and the ache deep within my heart. That was exactly what I wanted as well. I wanted what Mom and Dad had, that love and devotion they had for one another. But that wasn't going to happen with me, was it? Especially not between James and me. I was only his mistress, after all, his paramour, and that was all. Nothing. I was nothing to him. I was just his plaything. Just... just his toy... Like Andy said.

My heart ached at that sad realization, and I felt tears sting my eyes.

I shook away the negativity and once again reminded myself not to get emotionally involved.

"And I'm never going to stop worrying about you," I said, smiling. "Not until you find yourself a nice girl who cares about you and loves you with all her heart, until you're both settled down with at least three kids."

He looked pained at my words, and I regretted uttering them. Didn't he say he wasn't ever going to get himself a girl? I felt as though I'd overstepped and needed to correct myself again.

I was about to say something when he said, "I better get ready for work."

That struck me off guard. "Oh, your waiter job?"

He nodded as I stood up. He stood as well and then headed to the door.

"Have fun, then," I said because I couldn't think of anything else to say.

He snorted. "There's nothing fun about working there." Then he gave me a wink and a smile nonetheless. "But I'll try, for you."

I chuckled. "That's my Andy."

At the door, he kissed me on the forehead and said, "See you tomorrow, then."

I smiled brightly. "See you tomorrow."

I watched him walking down the corridor and then into the lift. He was waving at me when the door shut.

Alone, I returned to the bathroom and started a bath, all the time thinking about my brother and his "waiter" job and then, of course, about James Maxwell. Would he find himself another mistress after my five years were up? I wondered as I played with the soapy bubbles around me. Would he ever get himself another woman into a serious relationship while toying with me as mistress? The thought made me sick, and I refused to think about it any further.

It was some half an hour later when I was ready for dinner, all dressed up. My face was made-up naturally with a little bit of foundation, eye shadow, mascara, blush, and lipstick. Even though I wasn't at all well off, a girl still needed a makeup kit to make herself look good, right? Of course, there were some brands that were cheap enough even I could afford.

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