I was just finishing forming my hair in a loose bun at the top of my head when I heard James's voice.


My heart fluttered with joy, and I smiled with delight. My firm idea of not getting emotionally involved flew out the window.

I quickly finished up and headed out the door.

"I'm here," I said at the bedroom door.

He was in the kitchen with a bottle of water in his hand, ready to take a sip. The moment he saw me, he stopped in his tracks and just stared.

I smiled, hoping sincerely he liked what he saw. I couldn't quite make out the look on his face clearly since we were quite far apart, but eventually, he did take a couple of sips of the water. Once he was done, he came over to me and stood right in front of me.

He had a smirk on his face, and his Prussian-blue eyes were bright as they roved over me. I hoped it was with appreciation. Then his hand touched my chin and he tilted my face up toward his. His face then descended toward me, and when his lips were about to touch mine, he stopped.

It looked like he was in a dark dilemma with himself, and I wondered what it was about.

Suddenly, he pulled back and said, "Better not mess up that lipstick."

I was disappointed. I wanted him to kiss me. Never mind about the lipstick. I could redo it. But of course, I wasn't going to tell him how much I wanted him. I had my pride, too.

He stepped around me and headed into the bathroom. "I'll just have a quick shower before we go."

"Okay," I said over my shoulder.

He shut the door behind him, and I headed to the couch. I sat among the many shopping bags and began to look through them. I was killing time, of course. I'd sort them out properly tomorrow.

As I busied myself going through dresses, my mind wandered off to James and the shower once again. Oh God! It seemed I liked to imagine James in the shower every time. Taut muscles and skin glistening wet. Dark Prussian-blue eyes and sensual lips seducing me to join him. It was enough to make me weak in the knees.

He emerged some ten minutes later with nothing on but a white towel wrapped around his waist. I gawked at him like a kid wanting to eat chocolate cake as he came toward me.

Oh God! He looked just like in my imagination. Taut muscles and skin beaded with droplets of water. Dark eyes and sensual lips.

"Screw the lipstick," he said and came to join me on the sofa. He pulled me into his arms, and his eager lips searched for mine. Once he found what he sought, he claimed them with ardor.

His lips were hot and fervent against mine, and when he plunged his tongue into my mouth, my world melted into an intoxicated pool of sensations. Thrill and warmth with a sense of calming pleasure flooded my whole body. I felt as if I were floating in midair as James continued to deliciously devour me.

When he released me, he lowered himself and paid attention to my breasts. He slowly and carefully, which was very unlike him, unzipped the dress around the back. Then gently, which was also very unlike him, he peeled the material down my body to my waist.

He stared long and hard at my breasts, as if he were fascinated by them, marveling at them. I nibbled on my lower lip in anticipation as he lightly and gently and slowly caressed the pink bud of my right nipple. He molded it about between his finger and thumb. I couldn't help myself and groaned softly.

"Beautiful," he said and then licked it. Once. Twice. Trice. Then he sucked at it and kissed it and rolled it around with his tongue. Once it was hard and glistening pink, he turned his attention to the other.

He licked and then sucked.

"Ahh... James..." I moaned as he continued to lovingly torture me.

When he was satisfied, he unraveled his towel. I gasped once I saw how hard his shaft was, parading itself there proudly, ready to ravish me.

James caught me around my backside and pulled me up to sit on him as he raised my skirt. He placed his palm against my pussy and started rubbing me.

"Hmm..." I closed my eyes as he pleasured me.

"Tell me you want me," he teased.

I nodded my head mindlessly. "I want you. Oh yes, I want you."

He chuckled, and then he became aggressive. He tore my brand new panties to pieces and then inserted his finger in me.

"Ahh..." I groaned. "So good."

He laughed, pleased with my reaction. Then he lifted me a bit more and inserted himself into me.

I cried out, "James! Ahh... Oh, James... So good..."

He gritted his teeth and kissed me hard as he began moving inside me.

"We're going to be late for dinner," he said breathlessly as he continued to plunge deeply in and out of me.

I didn't care if we were late or not. I just wanted him to continue driving me crazy this way. Oh God! It felt so good.

We were moving together, me on top of him, dancing in an erotic rhythm. Oh God, I felt good, sexy--powerful even--as I clutched him against me. I let myself go and just let James ravish me. And then we came together as he swore under his breath, "Fuck, Mia..."

I collapsed in his arms again as he held me tight. A chuckle escaped his lips, and he said, "That was great."

I raised my head and smiled, nodding.

* * * * *



We were definitely late for dinner as we stepped into one of the fanciest Japanese restaurants in Vegas called Nihon Restaurant and Bar. Of course, after our quick sex session, James had himself ready in fifteen minutes, while I had to redo my hair and makeup and rearrange my dress completely.

As we came through the door, a waiter greeted us. "Irasshaimase."

James nodded and simply said, "Tory."

The Japanese waiter understood immediately and politely ushered us up a grand staircase to the next level. It was very quiet here, with only the soothing, light music of Japanese instruments. The decor and lighting here was also designed in a very traditional Japanese style. The atmosphere was beautiful and relaxing.

The waiter slid open a Japanese door and bowed as we walked in.

"James," I heard a man said. "Finally made it, eh?"

"Hmm," James replied.

As I stepped to the side, I finally realized who spoke. Darkly handsome, Tory came and gave James a manly hug and handshake. Then he turned his attention to me.

"I'm glad you came, Mia," he said. "Otherwise, it was going to be so boring with just us men."

I nodded and licked my lips. When I finally did look around, I noted William staring darkly at James. There was also another man there as well who I didn't know.

The guy stood and came over to James. He, too, gave James a good manly hug, slapping him on the shoulder. "How have you been, James?"

"Yeah, good," James replied.

"You brought your girl along, eh?" He beamed at James and gave me a wink.

I blushed.

William said, "Mia, why don't you come sit next to me, darling?"

I felt James tense beside me and turned to look at him.

As if sensing his dark mood toward William's suggestion, Tory chuckled lightly. "Come on, Mia. You can sit beside me and Mark."

I assumed Mark

was the man I didn't know.

Then, of course, I didn't even have a choice when Tory grabbed me by the wrist and led me to a Japanese seat on the floor. I had to fold my legs under me to sit properly.

James sat opposite me next to William. Oddly enough, I wanted to laugh. It was apparent the two didn't like each other, yet they were still friends. And it was quite a remarkable image the duo presented, too. James with such dark hair and those Prussian-blue eyes of his against William's pale-blond hair that one would call almost silvery white, with very light-blue eyes. Both men were disarmingly handsome, in different ways, of course. I was sure they'd attracted different type of females, those who preferred dark-haired men over those who preferred blonds.

Tory captured my attention by pouring some sake into my small cup.

"Have you had sake before, Mia?" he asked.

I shook my head. "Never."

He smiled. "Then you're in for a treat."

Both James and William watched me as I brought the little cup to my lips. I took a sip and swallowed. I pulled my face as I said, "Oh, it's strong."

Tory laughed while James smiled and William chuckled.

Mark said, "Tory is the sake king among us five."

"Five?" I couldn't help asking, looking around. I was sure there was only four of them.

"Matt," Mark said. I noted the dark look in Tory's expression.

Ah, I thought, another pair who didn't like each other very much but remained friends nonetheless.

I took another sip of my offered drink and found the taste wasn't as strong as before. Perhaps I knew what to expect and found I didn't dislike it as much as before.

"Do you know what the cup and this flask is called in Japanese, Mia?" Tory asked.

"Shit! There he goes again, lecturing about his Japanese heritage," William said sourly.

Mark laughed. "He's just proud of his nationality."

"Part of his nationality," James said.

"So you're not fully Japanese?" I asked.

Tory shook his head. "I'm half. My mother is Japanese and my father is American. I was raised in Japan until I was fifteen. Then I came here and attended high school with these hotheads."

Mark sniggered. "Ah, the good old days. I remember that first time you beat the crap out of Matt. He never liked you since."

Tory shrugged. "He pissed me off. He deserved it."

It was then our food arrived. It was a set menu with an array of delicious choices that made my mouth water just looking at them. After the waiters finished placing every Japanese food under the sun on our table, they left again. I knew a few of them, such as sushi and sashimi as well as yakitori and tempura.

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