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Chapter Five


Okay, it was official. I wasn’t the best climber. In fact, I was clumsy, and I had a feeling I didn’t have the right equipment, either. Had Thev not been there to help me every time my legs wanted to give up, I would’ve truly been miserable. But feeling his big, warm hands on my hips or around my waist now and then was worth it.

“Why couldn’t we just walk along the beach? Find an easier path across the island?”

“We’re not crossing the island, remember? We’re going to the center of it.”

“Right. You still haven’t told me what’s there and why your sister is there.”

“These mountains are not very high. You can do this, Angelica.”

I rolled my eyes. He was trying to evade my question, and I wasn’t impressed. I turned around and locked my gaze on him.

“Tell me where we’re going exactly and how you know your sister will be there.”

He averted his gaze and sighed. He didn’t want to tell me. But why? Well, I wasn’t going to let him get away with it this time. I crossed my arms over my chest, and planted my feet firmly, indicating that I wasn’t going to move another inch if he didn’t answer me.

“Fine. But you won’t like it.”

That made my heart clench a bit. He hadn’t started on a positive note.

“I need to know, anyway.”

“It would’ve been much easier if you just waited for me on the ship.”

“Just tell me, Thev’rar.” I thought that if I said his full name for once, it would make an impact. And it did.

“I landed at the Hub and started asking about my sister. She’s well known as a collector of art. I was surprised she’d come to Reazus Prime in search of unique pieces, since this planet was once a prison. Now it’s a place where outlaws of the worst kind either find refuge or come to make a living.”

I shuddered. I didn’t like where this was going.

“I found out that Ta’sha had made a deal with a notorious pirate. He promised her to take her to see his treasure that he had stashed in a cave on Sorahan Island. In exchange for what, I don’t know. So, I bought a map of the island.” He pulled a piece of parchment out of his back pocket and unfolded it. “I can’t be sure it’s correct, as it is very old. But it’s the only way I can orientate myself on the island.” He pointed at a place on the map. “I knew I couldn’t land my ship there, so I landed on the beach. On the other side of this mountain, there’s a cave. I think my sister is there.”

“Wow!” My first thought was that his sister wasn’t a very bright one. To make a deal with a pirate?! And go alone with him to a cave where he’d hidden his treasure?! I didn’t say it out loud, not wanting to offend Thev. “We could be walking right into a trap!”

“I know.” He patted the daggers attached to his oversized belt. “I’ve come prepared. And I will make sure no harm will come to you.”

“I mean, I’ve seen you wrestle with that wild animal, but... pirates?! Space pirates?!”

I started to tremble, and I felt a knot in my throat. I let out a shaky breath and tried to calm down, but it was no use. It wasn’t enough that the island was dangerous, and that we were on a planet of outlaws, we also had to go chasing pirates! And I understood that Thev had to find his sister, not just because she had to become queen, but because she was probably in danger... And here I was, stupidly following him. Maybe I should’ve stayed on the ship, eaten all his canned food, and slept to my heart’s desire.

This time, I hadn’t only been stubborn, I had also been stupid. Why did I need to be with him all the time? I’d never considered myself the type of woman who easily got attached to men. I’d had relationships, and in none of them had I felt like I was co-dependent. But somehow, for some reason, from the moment I’d met Thev, I wanted to never be apart from him. Sure, because being alone on an alien island was terrifying, but it didn’t feel like that was the only reason.

“Angie... Angelica...” He closed the space between us and placed his hands on my shoulders, then my face. “Look at me. No harm will come to you. I promise.”

“We’ll find your sister, and you’ll have to save her...”

“My sister doesn’t need saving. Whatever she got herself into, she can handle it on her own. I’m only here to bring her home before she flies off to another planet, and I lose her again.”

I took a deep breath and released it slowly. Finally, I nodded.


“I will take care of you,” he whispered.

He leaned in, and when I was certain that his lips were going to touch mine, I closed my eyes and lifted myself on my tiptoes. I felt his mouth, passionate and demanding, and I opened mine to welcome his tongue. The kiss was long, and it set my body on fire. He kissed me like this was the first time and the last. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him in, and his hands came to rest on my waist.

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