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Chapter Fifteen


The water was warm, and it smelled amazing. There were scented oils in it, and petals floated on the surface. The light poured through the wide-open windows, and the song of the exotic birds filled the air. This was luxury like I’d never seen before.

Thev’s lips traveled from my jaw to my neck. As I knelt on top of him, straddling his hips, I felt the tip of his cock tease my entrance. He had one hand around the base, and he was guiding it gently, up and down my slit, until he mercifully pushed it in an inch, just enough to ignite my imagination further.

His mouth found my breast, and then my nipple. He sucked lightly, sending shivers right down to my core. I closed my eyes and moaned. I wanted to enjoy every minute of this. There was no point in rushing, when I knew this was going to be the rest of my life.

He worked my nipple until it was painfully hard, then moved to the other. He worshiped my big, heavy breasts like no other man had done before. He worshiped all my body the same, every roll and stretch mark. Things other men had been bothered by... he was delighted by them! I had never felt so beautiful. And the fact that we were making love in the middle of the day, in all this natural light... It was new to me. It might’ve been scary, had he not shown such genuine passion for every part of my body that was not flat and fit.

When we’d arrived, I’d seen the Zokunian women. They all looked like Ta’sha – tall, lean, strong, muscular. They had narrow hips and small breasts. I would’ve expected a Zokunian man to be attracted to that and that alone. Maybe most of them were. I was just lucky Thev was different.

He was even different for a prince. He was capable, he knew how to fight, and he could provide for himself and others. The fact that he’d gone looking for his sister without taking his guards and a bunch of servants with him spoke volumes of the type of man he was.

“Angie, you’re so soft... so sexy...”

His words brought me back to the present. His hand went to my hips, where he kneaded my flesh as he pushed another inch of his cock inside me. I opened my eyes and looked at him.

“You like that? That I’m... soft?”

“Yes. I like everything about you. Your body... is perfect.”

My heart wanted to jump out of my chest and hug him. That was impossible and silly, so I hugged him instead.

He grunted as he hid his head between my breasts and slipped his cock in all the way.

I gasped, taken by surprise. He was big, but he’d prepared me enough that I didn’t feel much pain. Just a slight burn that was quickly replaced by pure pleasure when he started bouncing me on top of him. Both his hands were on my hips now, and he lifted me easily, then impaled me onto his cock. I grabbed the edges of the tub and started moving, too, determined to not let him do all the work.

Looking into his eyes, it hit me that this was the first time when I was on top. No one had let me ride them before. Not only was Thev not stressed about it, but he enjoyed looking at me as we increased the pace and my breasts bounced freely. He took in everything, his eyes filled with love and lust.

I could feel tension building in my core. The water splashed around us, and my moans turned louder and louder. I was close... so close... And it hadn’t even taken long. The way his cock felt inside me... He was long, and thick, and every time the tip pressed against my cervix, I murmured Thev’s name and increased the pace. I was bouncing so fast that my legs were starting to ache. But I couldn’t stop. I needed this... I needed him...


“Shh... shut up... fuck me... just... shut up and fuck me.”

He grinned and pushed his hips up to meet me. His cock was rubbing places inside me that I hadn’t even known existed. The tension built until it was too much, and I threw my head back and screamed as I came hard. I felt myself gush, and I let go, allowing the powerful orgasm to take over my body.

All thoughts flew out of my mind, and I was just here, in this moment, with Thev, his cock deep inside me, my pussy throbbing, my body shaking with the intensity of my release.

When I came down from it somewhat, I realized Thev hadn’t come. I looked at him, confused. But before I could say anything, he flipped us over, turned me around, and pressed me against the edge of the tub. My back was to him, and I felt his cock slip back inside me. This time, my pussy welcomed him eagerly, wet and stretched, ready for more.

I held on as he rammed me from behind. He wasn’t gentle this time, and I didn’t want him to be. One of his hands came to squeeze my breast, and I thrust back to meet him every time, until I was too exhausted, and I couldn’t move anymore. He fucked me so fast and so hard that I couldn’t keep up with him. I relinquished control. He growled and grunted, and started kissing and biting my neck. Every nip made me shudder. I could feel his tusks, and I couldn’t believe how much they turned me on.

“Angie... I can’t... I have to...”

“Come inside me,” I moaned. “I want to feel you come inside me.”

“Yes. I’ll fill you with my seed.”

That brought me closer and closer to my own release. If I had a third orgasm today, I thought I would just faint.

“I’ll fill you and put a baby in you,” he continued.

And that did it. I came with a scream, my pussy throbbing and squeezing him, and this time, he came too, with a deep, wild grunt. I felt his cock grow bigger and shoot stream after stream of hot cum at the entrance of my womb. We stayed like that for minutes on end, him emptying every drop he had to give, until I felt some of his cum seep out and into the water. I was so full, and when he pulled out, it rushed out of me. He turned me around and kissed me fiercely.

“Well, I think we’re done with our bath,” I said, giggling.

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