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He chuckled. “But I’m not done with you.”

We got out, and he wrapped me in a big, fluffy towel, and then took me in his arms and carried me to the bedroom. We found the table filled with plates of fruit. It was alien fruit to me, but I saw things that looked like mangoes, peaches, and even grapes. He set me onto the bed, and as I threw the towel off and snuggled under the duvet naked, he brought a plate.

“What is this?”


He slipped a grape into my mouth, and I found out it wasn’t a grape at all. The taste was sweet and aromatic, reminding me of strawberries. Not, it was more than that. More complex. It was like strawberry jam mixed with roses.

“This is amazing,” I said as I chewed.

“These are wild, foraged in the forest. That’s why they’re so tasty.”

“More, please.”

For the next hour, he fed me fruit, and we talked about nothing in particular. We simply enjoyed each other’s presence and lazed around, not having a care in the world.

I could get used to this life.

“See, this is why I didn’t want to become king,” he said later. “Too many responsibilities, too much work... My sister is going to regret her position soon.” He laughed. “Not really, but you know what I mean. She’ll be a great queen.”

“It suits me just fine. Being mated to a prince is good enough.”

“I hope it is.” He kissed my shoulder. “I will take care of you, Angelica. I love you.”

My heart fluttered. I looked into his eyes. “I love you, too.”

We kissed, and I couldn’t quite wrap my mind around the fact that... here I was, after having been abducted by aliens, in this bed, in a royal palace, on an alien planet.

I was never going to return home. My family and my friends would think something bad had happened to me, and they would look for me until they’d give up. That made me feel a little sad, so I made a mental note to ask Thev’rar in the following days if he might allow me to visit my family at least once and let them know that I was okay. I could tell them that I’d decided to move to Bali. Maybe I could find a way to send them a letter from time to time, without giving away the fact that I wasn’t on Earth anymore.

I was sure Thev would figure something out if I asked him.

But for now... For now, I was going to enjoy this, because I deserved it. I’d gone through enough, and for sure, it beat the job at the bank. And even visiting the pyramids.

“I love you,” he whispered again in my ear, then pushed me onto my back and climbed on top of me.

I traced his copper tattoos as he entered me again, and when he leaned in, instead of kissing him, I stuck out my tongue and licked one of his tusks. He growled and sank his hand in my hair. Holding me like that, he fucked me fast and hard, until I screamed his name.

“Mine. You’re mine. Say it.”

“I’m yours.”

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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