She shakes her head, little hitches in her breath. “No. Please. It will upend my world, and I just want to enjoy this. I want to enjoy you. Us. Please.” I let it go, but there’s no scenario in which she will be married to anyone but me. It’s bullshit whatever is going on, but right now, getting my face between her legs and lapping that sweet fountain of her nectar is all that matters.

I’ve never been attracted to a woman this way. Outside of a few minor rub ups in my youth, after I got hurt, I never really gave it a thought. But, the idea of being buried balls deep in Anna’s soft, wet cunt is an obsession I never imagined before.

I need to see her. All of her. So I sweep her up over my shoulder on a yelp and stomp down the hall into the first bedroom, then throw her on the bed, watching her little body bounce as I strip off my shirt and toss it behind me.

Sweat beads on my forehead, pain rakes through my muscles as I reach down and tug her skirt and her panties off her creamy flesh and then step back and take it in.

“Fuck, baby. If I knew how to paint, I’d create a masterpiece in honor of your pussy.” I take a deep inhale, her arousal on the air, sweet and sultry. “Even better, I’d make it scratch and sniff because your fucking scent is priceless.”

My gut twists, I knew she was mine before, but thinking of her wet, warm pussy on my mouth, pumping a baby into her, those tits dripping with milk…cum squirts from my dick and my balls fucking ache.

I clear my throat because it feels like it’s closing up looking at her smooth pale flesh sliced by the glistening pink gash decorated with just a puff of the lightest strawberry-blonde curls on her mound.

“You’ve saved this for me haven’t you?” I let the question go, steeling myself for the answer. Her pussy trickles onto the white bedding like a juicy peach.

“I’ve never kissed anyone until you. I never wanted anyone before you.” Her fingers move to the buttons of her blouse and work them open. She sits up for a moment, just long enough to strip off the rest of her clothes, unclasping her bra and tossing it over my head on a flirty smirk.

“You’re bold sometimes, baby.”

Her blonde waves are a mess and her cheeks are ripe like two ripe apples.

“You make me feel safe. Like anything I do is okay somehow.”

“It is. As long as you are with me, everything is okay.”

Her chest rises and falls in sharp breaths as she walks the fingers of one hand down her belly then slides them between her open folds.

“Jesus. You were made for me, you know that don’t you? Made. For. Me.”

Her head pushes back as she arches her back. “You want me to play with myself while you watch?”

My knees nearly buckle as I nod on a painful grunt. “I’ve never wanted anything more.”

There’s truth in that, but the deeper truth is that I’ve never wanted to be inside anyone like this. Anna is like a drug. When I get every inch inside her, it’s going to be bareback, hard and raw. I’m going to fuck into her like I’m pumping my soul inside her tight, virgin pussy. I’ll unload hot and thick. So much cum right up against her little baby maker until she’s bred with me and bound to me for life.

Her fingers slide up and down, then she slips one into her tight little cherry opening, making my chest fucking hurt.

She licks her lips as she goes, fucking tease, she knows the power she has over me but that’s okay. I’ll let her have her moment because deep down, she knows I’m fucking in charge here.

She coils her fingers around her clit next as I ball my fists, locking my legs, trying to stay standing. My heart is beating so hard against my chest it hurts.

I fucking love her. I know it already, but fear rakes through me. I’ve never come close to these feelings before. I don’t know how to process them. What to do with them. But I do know, if anyone, ever tries to hurt her or take her from me, I’ll take their heart from their chest.

I’m frozen, watching her get herself off for my pleasure. Her other hand reaches up and rolls her nipple between her fingers as her eyes lock with mine.

“I’m coming.” She mouths before her hips lift and her fingers go manic around her clit.

“Good girl. Daddy needs to see you play with yourself. So he knows how to make you feel good.”


That sets her off and she cums screaming the fucking roof off. I’ve never let myself indulge that fantasy before, but it’s always been there. Low and humming, pulsing, wondering if I would ever find the girl that would set free that part of me.

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