I don’t have to wonder anymore.

“You’re Daddy’s best girl.” I lean down and whisper into her ear as my erection rages against the confines of my pants and the intensity of my feelings is overwhelming.

“Thank you, Daddy.” She gives me a look that solidifies her fate. “I want you to be happy.”

“Oh, I am happy. But, I’m going to be happier because you’re going to let me have a special taste of all that sticky honey you just let go for me, aren’t you? Going to let Daddy have a taste of his baby.”

This place isn’t our home, but I already know I can’t let her go ever again. She will live here until she finds her dream home. If it’s an alpaca ranch on Mars, I’ll figure out how to get it for her, I’m that fucking far gone and I haven’t even tasted her yet.

I’ll be full blown lunatic once I’m inside her and there are no words for what I’ll become once she’s bred with me.

Her scent fills my nose and the idea I’ll never go another day without that in my life makes my balls heavy and my heart swell. I’ll wear her scent on me every day and she will never leave the house without mine on her. She will be coated with me. Inside and out. So everyone in the fucking universe knows to stay the fuck away.

She shivers as I reach down and tug her legs forward, balancing her ripe, juicy pussy on the edge of the bed as I lower myself before the altar of my future wife’s pink dream. It’s so perfect, it’s like looking at the sun. When I blink, from now on I’ll see this moment, the folds and slick flesh open before me right now.

I bury my face into her heaven, driving my tongue into her cherry opening, needing that first taste to be straight from the source, and it doesn’t disappoint. Nothing has ever been so sweet. Her flavor burns through me and I’m branded for life.

I part her folds with my tongue, running up and down, finding every place where she arches and hisses as her hands come down and wind into my hair, holding me against her.

I explore, then slide up to the top, that little hard nub I know is the source of so much pleasure.

“I’ve never tasted anyone before you, baby. This is special, just for us, okay?” I flick at her clit then pull it between my lips as she lifts her ass off the bed and squeezes her tits in both hands.

I work it more with my lips, then my tongue, back and forth until I can tell I’m about to hit a home run.

Her thighs slap against the sides of my face, then open wide again, then close until I’m spinning but I don’t relent. Instead, I focus, harder, harder, pressing my mouth against her and doubling down on her little button.

I reach up with one hand and press two fingers to her lips and she sucks them in like the greedy slut I want.

“Good girl.” I stop for a moment and look up, she grabs my wrist with both hands and sucks off my fingers, sliding them in and out of her warm wet mouth. “You know you need to practice because soon, that mouth of yours is going to suck off my cock. I’m going to cum in this little tight cherry pussy first, then down that throat and you’re going to swallow it all like a good girl for Daddy, aren’t you?”

She nods, her pink lips wrapped around my fingers, but I swear to fucking Christ I can feel them around my dick.

I go back to the promised land as I scrape my teeth against her sensitive flesh, listening to her hiss around her mouth full of my fingers.

I flutter my tongue against her tight opening and tease her barrier as she moans and mumbles my name as best she can, as I push my fingers deeper to the back of her throat, feeling her gag around them.

She cums hard on my mouth as I tickle the back of her throat and her clit with my tongue.

“This all belongs to Daddy now. I’m going to fuck it, touch it, eat it, spank it…I’ll leave my thick load inside you whenever I want. I’ll make sure you know you are Daddy’s best girl while he’s railing you like a dirty whore.”

Her orgasm peaks and I pull my finger from her mouth before she fucking bites them off. She twists and gushes warm wetness into my mouth and a violent possessiveness settles deep into my marrow.

She draws a deep breath, her stomach going concave as she stops breathing, her body quaking as I puff out my chest.

“This pussy is going to take my thick dick soon. I’ll cover all this beautiful skin with ropes of my cum. Then, I’ll pull your legs apart and plant myself down deep in your womb. I’ll stay inside you with load after load until you’re pregnant with Daddy’s baby. You want that don’t you, baby?”

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