“I make no promises.” Natalie turns toward the refrigerator. “I’ll get started on the pancakes. Can you guys go out and watch the kids? Megan is sleeping in the cabana but Tabitha and Chase are sitting at the patio table waiting to get back in the water.”

We both nod and head out into the early morning sun. I slip my sunglasses back on and look at my watch for the third time since I walked in the house.

“You got somewhere to be?” Tor asks as we get to the pool gate and both the kids jump up as Tor motions that they can get back in the shallow end of the pool.

“Yeah, that’s the other shit part of the evening. Took a bet from fucking Niko on my last hand. His brat daughter is in some charity softball deal today and he wanted to make sure his team won. So, he threw in a hundred grand, and all I had to do was agree to play on her team if I lost. My head was fucked and he took me with full house to my two pair. I gotta be there by ten.”

“Your athletic legacy lives on.”

“Unfortunately. He said she needed a ringer. Couldn’t stand for his little princess’s team to lose, so fuck me. I’m going to be up to my balls in brats.”

“Hi, Uncle Cyrus!” Chase shouts and dives into the water before I can wave back.

Tabitha comes running over as Tor walks through the door of the cabana to check on the baby.

“Hi, Uncle Cyrus.” Tabitha wipes a drop of water from her forehead, her bright eyes wide as she stand in front of me.

I crouch down, looking over my shoulder to make sure Tor isn’t within earshot, then say, “Good morning, your highness.”

I bow my head and do this little loop de loop thing with my hand toward her little toddler Buddha belly, as she puts her fists on her hips.

“You are invited to my tea party later. All my ladies in waiting will be there.”

“I’m honored, Princess, but this humble servant has another battle to wage away from the castle today. I will gladly accept your invitation another time.”

She giggles and holds my cheeks in her tiny damp hands. “You are silly, Uncle Cyrus.”

“As silly as you are beautiful, my lady.” I give her nose a quick pinch, then stand, slipping back into my mask of indifference as I see Tor coming back out from the cabana as Tabitha toddles off and jumps off the edge into the shallow end of the pool.

“You’re a grumpy fuck, but you can’t deny you love these kids.” He nods toward the pool.

It’s true, but somehow, I don’t know, admitting just how much I care about my nieces and nephews scares me. I never cared one piece of lint about anyone else’s kids before Tor’s, and letting down my grouchy façade feels like some slippery slope I’m not ready to face.

Well, I wasn’t, anyway.

Truth, since I saw that girl last night, every thought I have is about getting my hands on her, caging her curvy little body between my arms and pumping her so full of dick she’ll be screaming my name. I want to tug her hair and take her from behind. I want to see her mouth stretched wide around me.

And I want her to beg me to pump a baby inside her.

Fuck, the thought sends a throbbing into my balls as Sophia and Chance come wandering through, and I know I need to get myself under control but Jesus, I don’t know how. That girl, I’d ruin everything I have for her. I want to buy her gifts, I want to cook her dinner, I want to show her off.

As soon as I left the penthouse early this morning, sitting in my car, I fisted my dick in a beat off session that gave me zero relief. Where was she, what was she doing? Is she rubbing that hot little pussy thinking of me?

Shit, I know that’s not likely. I’m an ugly motherfucker and I don’t have anything to offer a girl like that. I’m fucking forty this year and she’s brushing up maybe on twenty. But that doesn’t stop me thinking about hiring every PI on the planet and spending every penny to my name trying to find her and look on her one last time.

“Cyrus, don’t you dare deny that you love my kids.” Tor is staring at me with a look of thunder on his face, and I realize I’ve been staring into space for God knows how long.

“I’m not denying anything,” I mutter, as Sophia heads for the house and Chance claps me on the back.

I also won’t deny, he’s like a brother to me and Tor now. We didn’t like him at first, but the guy grows on you.

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