“Can you stop calling me baby, please?”

He shakes his head. “No. Don’t think so.”

“What’s your deal?” I snap, my heart racing, blood rushing in my ears as adrenaline surges through my system. “You save the day and now you want your reward? Is that it?”

I slip down and under his thick arms, digging in my purse for my keys and feel the cylinder handle of my mace spray.

He turns and his dark eyes are not those of a man ready to harm me, but he’s also the last sort of guy that should be making me feel all swoony and wet-between-the-legs.

I cover my nervousness, flipping my hair back with my other hand and throwing him a bored look.

“Of course I want a reward. You want one too, don’t you? I can see it, Anna. You like to do the right thing, but you also like when someone notices. You’re tough, you don’t need to prove it to me.”

“And you like when you intimidate people. You use it to your advantage. Built like you are, with that look you give. You like seeing people squirm.”

He crosses his arms for a beat of silence, his eyes softening when I expected him to be angry.

“Seems we both have at least something figured out about each other. You have a praise kink and I like to be in charge. Sounds like a match made in heaven if you ask me.” He winks and it’s so out of place on the hard angles and furious knit of his brow I can’t help it when a laugh spills from my lips. “Fuck, baby. I just found my new kink.”

I take my hand out of my bag and look up at the tall, dark dream and ask, “What’s that?”

“Your laugh.”

I take a deep breath. Filling my lungs until my chest aches, then I run my hands up his chest, feeling the thumping of his heart against my palm.

“You should kiss me,” I say, my entire body vibrating as I lean in to him.

“Now, that’s something we can agree on, baby.”

He runs his hands down my back, gripping my ass, pulling me up and onto him as I lock my legs around his back and he groans as he crushes his lips to mine.

He’s got me mounted against him, pressing my back into my car and I drown in the wonder of the kiss.

He’s rough but soft. Demanding but giving. He’s a concoction of such intensity, I immediately feel drunk as he leans against me, his hips spreading me wide, making these sounds like I’ve never heard from a human being before.

The tip of his tongue glides along my lips instead of just ramming himself inside. I feel the hard length of his hard-on between my legs as he starts to explore my mouth with a raw but delicate urgency that has me spinning and re-thinking all my assumptions about this gigantic, frightening man.

Our mouths and tongues start to move and tangle in a fury of moans and pained noises. My heart is flopping around in my chest, banging against my flipping stomach like all my organs are rearranging themselves.

He rams his hips up and down, pressing my back into the hard metal of the car, and the friction is pushing me closer and closer to the edge.

With every movement of his erection against me, his tongue moves around mine like he’s licking my clit and fucking me at the same time and I’m soaking wet and my nipples tingle and tighten until they hurt.

Noises rip from his chest like he’s dying as he pulls back from the kiss and works his mouth down, licking and tracing his teeth down to the nape of my neck and I can’t help but let my head fall back and just take everything he’s willing to give right now.

I shouldn’t be here. Doing this. Not with him. Not with this kind of man. But I’m lost in the lust and power of him. My thoughts are hazy and dreamlike, and all my limits and plans about who I should be with someday flutter into the night sky like feathers on the wind.

All the expectations of my parents and arrangements and putting family first are far away and insignificant compared to the feelings coiling down in my soul.

“Cyrus…” I manage, my fingers digging into his shoulders, trying to cling to some small piece of reality. He’s not for me, but God, I never want his lips to stop what they are doing to my neck right now.

“Baby,” he growls out, and that word has a direct connection to my clit and my heart I never would have imagined before. “Baby,” he says again, like he can read my mind as his hips hitch and drive upward, grinding us together as hips, lips and tongue turn to teeth and I hiss as they pinch the soft sensitive flesh.

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