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Breaking from the kiss, even in the darkness he saw her eyes. “This you can’t deny, Raven. Since the day you’ve been gone, I’ve been dying inside, waiting for you to come home.”


“Don’t question it.” He slid his fingers beneath her panties and found her wet slit. “This is not something you get when you’re not interested. You can fight it all you want, and I accept that, but this here, this belongs to me, and you can’t deny that. No way can you deny that.”

“This is crazy. It has been seven years. You’re a man-whore.”

Drew found her clit, stroking over her nub. “I’ve been waiting for you, Raven. All these years, I never knew what I wanted until I saw you again. This fire has been between us for a long time, and you can try to run from it, but you can’t hide from it.”

Using two fingers, he stroked over her clit, and he heard her cry out, the pleasure making her shake.

He claimed her lips again, and he couldn’t not taste her. She was a fucking drug to him.

“Drew, what are you doing?”

Ignoring her panicked voice, he lifted up her skirt, sank to his knees, and moved her panties out of the way. The scent of her cunt was heady, and he was begging for a taste.

“Spread your thighs.”

“Drew, this is wrong.”

She opened her legs anyway, and he held the lips of her pussy apart. Sliding his tongue through her creamy slit, he moaned. She tasted so damn good. He flicked his tongue against her clit, loving the taste of her. Sliding his tongue down, he was about to fuck inside her when her next words had him pausing.

“I’m a virgin,” she said.

Pulling back, he stared up at her. “What?”

“I haven’t been with a man. I don’t know what will happen if you put your tongue there.”

His cock got a whole lot fucking bigger.


Raven couldn’t believe what was happening.

She was around the back of Bobby’s bar, the notorious watering hole, and Drew was kneeling before her, licking her pussy. This was not even something she ever dreamed about. Not to mention the fact she had just spilled her virgin secret. Why couldn’t she keep her mouth shut? Of course she couldn’t, that would be too damn easy.

“Did you save that sweet cherry for me?” he asked.

“I don’t know.” She had thought about him a lot over the years, but she hadn’t expected much, especially not this … caveman. She’d never known Drew to act like this, not with anyone, so it was an entirely new experience for her.

“I’m the one that’s going to claim that, Raven.”

She wasn’t going to argue with him.

“No other man but me. It’s mine. Say it.”

“Say what?” she asked.

He was doing that thing again that stopped her from having any coherent thought. Every time he touched her while they were inside the bar, she’d struggled. Now with his hands touching the most intimate part of her, he had her all confused. It wasn’t fair. Not what he was doing, nor the fact that she was caving to it.

I want it.

I want it so much.

She’d never wanted anything so badly.

“Tell me who is going to pop this cherry?” he asked.

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