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Chapter Five

Raven looked beautiful and frazzled. Drew held three red roses, and her eyes took them in, and him.

“Are those for me?”

“You got it, baby.”

“They’re beautiful.”

“I’m afraid they were all they had.”

“You don’t need to spend loads of money on me. This is beautiful, and perfect. I only have single-stemmed glasses, look.” She left the door open, and he closed it, locking it. He followed her into the kitchen. The food smelled amazing, and his mouth was watering.

No woman had ever cooked for him.

Raven was reaching into a cupboard, and he saw her take out three long stepped vases. They would only fit a single rose, and she placed them in each one, putting a little water in the bottom.

“Beautiful,” she said, placing them on the table.

“I believe it was custom for a man to bring a gift.”

“Not for me, it’s not. You just come in, and the pleasure of your company for me is gift enough. I don’t know what you’re used to. The roses were a beautiful thought, but I don’t want you out of pocket.”

“I can take care of you, Raven. I’m not flat-out broke.”

She took his jacket and gripped his face, startling him. “I don’t care about your money, Drew Reynolds. I couldn’t care less what you earned or didn’t earn. The roses were a nice gift. You don’t have to bring me something for every date. I am expecting plenty of dates, and if you kept bringing roses, you’d soon be out of pocket.” She went on her toes and kissed him. “Gift me by bending down so that I can kiss those lips.”

Feeling like a total asshole, he wrapped his arms around her, and pulled her down toward him. Slamming his lips down on hers, he slid his tongue across her bottom lip, and she moaned, opening up and letting him enter.

The women he had fucked had all told him it was a nice gesture to give a woman some flowers, chocolates, or jewelry. He’d never gotten them anything because to him, gifts meant something. Raven meant something to him, and he’d wanted to give her something back.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

“It would seem those women have gotten in your head, making you think something. Don’t give them that kind of power. You’re better than that.”

He smiled. “I can see you’re not going to be afraid to put me in my place.”

“Someone should put you in your place so you know to stay there.”

Drew slid his hands down, cupping her ass. “I missed you.”

“Did you? It has only been a couple of hours since you last saw me. There’s no way you could have missed me in that time.”

“Guess again, baby, I missed you.”

He took possession of her lips, only for his stomach to interrupt as it started to growl. This time, she pulled away, giggling.

“I’m being told to do something, so I better listen to your good stomach.” She patted his side and went to the stove. The table was already set, so he took a seat. It was a small two-person table, very small, very quaint.

“You looked a little frazzled when you opened the door. What’s up?” he asked.

“I was on the phone with my parents, and in their quest to be modern, I find their talk a little disturbing. Did you know my father, Clark Howard, was supposed to be some kind of bad boy in the day?”

“Ah, they know about me?”

“Yeah. They know. I hope you don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind. Besides, it’s not like you told them.”

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