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Traveling toward the ranch, she got set up, and started to serve up brisket and potatoes. It wasn’t long before Drew was there, pulling her into his arms. She pulled away from him as whistles came from the men.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I just don’t think it’s appropriate you grabbing me in front of the men you work with.”

Drew stared at her a couple of seconds, and without breaking eye contact, told Seymor that he was just having a private word with her.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

He didn’t say a word, just took her to the ranch shed where a lot of the equipment was. She had seen him in this shed a couple of times. One of the first times she saw him, she’d been unable to speak. Words had failed her, so she’d blushed, turned away, and walked out. The other time he’d been balls-deep inside a woman. Thinking back to when she saw him, she actually believed that the woman had been Betsy, who he was with.

They were alone in the shed, and he’d closed the door.

“What’s the problem?”

“How could you sleep with women who clearly don’t care about you? Not one bit?” she asked.

“I don’t understand. I didn’t care what they thought.”

“Clearly. Otherwise you wouldn’t have slept with them.”

“I’m confused right now.”

“Two women came into the bakery today. They said some pretty embarrassing things to me—”

“Like what?”

“Nothing you have to worry about.”


“No. I’m not going to tell you. I’m fine. What bothers me is the way they spoke, how they describe you. How could you let them do that to you?” she asked.

He frowned. “You’re pissed at me because I screwed women that didn’t like me?”

“Yes! I care about you, and you don’t care about yourself.”

Drew gripped her hips, pulling her close. “Where have I been without you all these years?”

“Clearly not with the right women.”

He silenced her with a kiss.

Wrapping her arms around his neck, she pressed her body against his, loving the feel of his hardness. The ridge of his erection pressed against her stomach, and she wanted him. Her pussy grew slick, and need suddenly consumed her.

“You’re not going to tell me who you spoke to?” he asked, pulling away first.

“No. You don’t need to know them.”

“I’ll find out.”

“No, you won’t. Not from my lips.”

“I’m coming by your place tonight,” he said.

“Okay. I’ll be waiting for you.”

He sighed, running his hands up and down her body. “The last time I saw you here I was fucking another woman.”

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