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“I will, sir, I will.” Drew smiled at her. “I thought you’d run.”

“You’re not getting rid of me that easily.”

Silence fell on the church, and the priest started to speak. Staring into Drew’s beautiful blue eyes, she knew without a doubt that she wasn’t making a mistake. This man was the love of her life. Like his proposal speech, she had only been half living without him. She couldn’t imagine a life without him in, nor did she want to.

They said their vows, promising to love, honor, and cherish each other. When it was time to announce them as husband and wife, no one stepped forward to ruin their special day. William’s threat had kept Francine in line. The spiteful woman preferred her money and reputation over nothing.

“You may kiss the bride.”

Drew pulled her to him, sinking his fingers in her hair and taking her lips. The whole church erupted in cheers, and she smiled against his lips.

“I’ve got you now for the rest of my life,” he said.

“I’m not running away, and I’m not scared.”

“Mrs. Raven Reynolds.”

“That’s my name.”

“It certainly is.”

They didn’t stop holding hands as they made their way out for photographs. They took some with her parents, and with Doreen, his mother who had been able to come out with one of the nurses from the homes. She got to see her son get married. Their picture was taken with Brice and Cathy, then several of them both together, kissing.

The reception was being held at O’Donald’s ranch.

Raven had been shocked when she heard Seymor wanted Drew to take over. Her man had been nervous about taking over something so large and vast, but she had faith in him. It was scary, and like she said, dating him had been scary. She had done it though, and now she was married to him.

Listening to the speeches, she heard many people express their doubts over their love, and also their happiness to see them together. They had defied the odds, and it was all down to Drew declaring that she belonged to him. She was never going to forget that, not ever.

“So, Mrs. Reynolds, what are your plans for the next fifty years?” Drew asked during the first dance.

She smiled. “I’m thinking six kids, a couple more dogs, and a few more cats.”

They already had a dog, Floppy, a rescue mongrel. They both adored him, and he was so damn cute.


“Yeah, I want a big family.” She repeated his words back to him.

Drew pulled her close and hugged her tightly.

“I do have one question,” she said.

“What is it?”

“If we have a daughter, are you going to be a hard ass to her man?”

“It’s every father’s right.”

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