“Easy, it will warm up.”

Something nudged at her back hole, and then his grip on her hips tightened.

The burning sensation was not unexpected, but it was deeper because his cock was so big.


“I know. Just a little longer. Just let me get past this muscle.”

A moan tore from her throat when he popped through.

“That’s it. Now, let’s work the rest in.”

Her hands clutched the blanket beneath her as he slowly drove in and out of her until she felt the warmth of his stomach against her ass.

“I’m in. Jesus, you’re so fucking tight.”

She couldn’t believe it. She really hadn’t thought it would work. Not only did it work, but it felt amazing and overwhelming at the same time.

“It feels…”

“It feels like what, baby?”

“I feel closer to you somehow.”

“That’s because you’re submitting everything to me right now. There’s not a part of this body that I don’t own now, and it bonds us together. Now, let me make you feel good.”

His thrusts started slow and easy. The power behind it grew in intensity.

“Daddy,” she screamed.

“You are being such a good girl, baby. Are you enjoying having me fuck your ass?”

“God, yes.”

He pounded into her, slamming his cock into her harder and faster. Her body felt wired and ready to explode. She was at the peak, but she needed a little something. She just didn’t know what.

He reached under her, and a high-pitched scream tore from her throat when he pressed on her clit.

“That’s it. Come for me, baby.”

Her sight went fuzzy, and sparks of light flashed through her head as scream after scream tore from her. When the orgasm finally ended, her arms collapsed under her, slamming her chest to the mattress.

“Fuck,” he groaned.

He continued to fight through her tight ass, but she didn’t feel anything. Her focus was on breathing and trying to stay awake. Sweat rolled down her back, and she guessed it was a mixture from both.

He slammed into her a few more times before he froze and held her hips in a tight grip. She felt him release her and fall against her back, but he kept most of his weight off her with one of his arms.

After a long moment, he pulled out of her, making her flinch.

“I’m sorry, baby. I’ll be right back.”

The shower turned on and off within a minute. She must have slept because the wet cloth between her legs startled her.

“Easy. It’s just me.”

After washing her, he got rid of the washcloth, gathered her in his arms, and pulled the blanket up over them. “You’re mine forever,” he murmured against the side of her head.

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