“Mine,” he clarifies, “and I keep what’s mine safe and warm. I don’t turn my back on what’s mine, I don’t let anyone harm it, touch it, lick it or fuck it.”

I flinch at his crude words, my head rolling back and I pant between my lips, my eyes widening when I feel myself soaking.

“Do I keep you warm and safe, lamb?” he asks and I breathe,


“Don’t I make you feel like I’ll be your human shield if anyone tries to hurt you?” he asks with intense eyes and he touches me in that way that makes me go blank and I’ve never felt this much under someone else’s influence before.

“You do,” I whisper because it’s the truth. I lick my lips and he takes his hand back and my body responds so much to the lack of his touch that my hips almost jerk forward all on their own. Taking a step back, I inhale and then I go for the door but Revenge clasps my elbow.

“Where are you going?” he frowns and I blink up at him, dizzy from the way he touched me, the way his hands felt like weapons of seduction on my skin.

“Check on the cows. If that’s f...fine by you.”

He reluctantly lets me go. “If you must.”

I think I must because I need to get away from Revenge. How embarrassing that I threw myself at him, terrified he’d leave but I wasn’t thinking. It’s just instinct. Revenge is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. The farm needs him, I need him and...my body needs him. Distressed, I race into the barn but I’m still running hot.

Water. Water will help and I drink some but it does nothing to cool me down. I fan myself but it’s just as useless and frustration rips in me.Get a grip, Addie!But apparently, my body is not in the mood for getting a grip and I’ve never felt anything like this.

I’ve heard girls go on about guys this and guys that and I always thought they were making it all up. Guys and men never made me giddy or breathless or helpless. Then I met Revenge and it’s as if my body kept everything in store just for him. It’s torturous and it toys with my mind, my hormones...I give up and walk farther into the barn where I keep most of the hay and I lean against the wall.

My eyes shudder and my nails dig into my palms. If only he hadn’t touched me, then I would have managed. Then I would have been able to withstand it but I can still feel his touch on me. Groaning, I throw myself on the hey and pull my legs up and I feel a fresh breeze on top of my panties where Revenge stroked me. Closing my eyes, I rub my thighs before sneaking a hand down but it doesn’t feel as good as when Revenge does it. My eyes flare in frustration and I jerk...

“Ah!” I shriek when I notice Revenge leaning against one of the beams, his gaze fixed on me and I want to bury my face in my hands. Hesaw. Saw me trying to recreate his touch and failing miserably. I braid my legs together but Revenge shakes his head.

“Don’t do that. Keep petting and I’ll tell you when to stop.”

Gawking, I slowly shake my head and his eyes sizzle like two infernos in his striking face.

“Then I’ll do it for you,” he rasps, uncrossing his arms and he takes a step closer and now those eyes of his flash with caution. ”But then you don’t get to tell me to stop.”



Panting, Addie looks up at me and she reaches for me. “I won’t,” she whispers. “I want you so much I’m about to burn up, Rev. I can’t hold back anymore. You feel my fever?” she gasps and I hug her thighs with my palms, her warm soft thighs and I grind.

“I feel it. You burn me when you’re close, lamb. I’ve been a man on fire ever since I laid eyes on you.”

And now I’m about to walk through the flames and come out on the other side with Addie fully mine. There’s never been a girl more in need of a rough cock between those farm girl thighs and I snatch her rose petal mouth, taking and stealing all her kisses and claiming them as mine. Her hair fans out, camouflaging in the hay and my hands go to her clogs and I flick them off. They slam against the barn wall, causing one of the cows to moo in the back with indignation.

I snatch Addie’s dress, ripping it off until her bare shoulders pop and she lets out a gasp in shock. She spills, her curves overflowing with nourishment I want in my veins and I’m going to have to take her fast before my control slips. It’s been bad ever since I got here, slipping little by little but it’s all so much worse when she’s naked and willing and with her legs spread and ready to be filled.

Looking at her when she’s like this makes me feel like I should look away. It’s as if I’m witnessing something too divine for my eyes, but mobsters don’t look away. And I keep my eyes firmly on her, drinking her in and her breasts rave whenever I grope her, move around on her chest like soft globes and I yank one in between my lips. It explodes with its doughy softness in my mouth and I groan. Her areola strokes my palate, flaming hot under my tongue and Addie tugs at my hand, panting with relief when my hand finds her ache.

She immediately welcomes me home, driving with her hips, forcing me to touch her as deep as she wants. Her body drips with satisfaction, soaking up the attention as if she’ll never get enough and she never will. I’ll never leave her alone, my testosterone won’t let me and I’ll be on her day and night, whisper loving and dirty words and do loving and dirty things until my milkmaid turns into a mob maid, always waiting for me with a scorching need in her eyes that hits a man harder in the chest than a bullet.

Tugging at my clothes, I tear them off, proud to show her what I can give her but she startles, clutching the hey and she breathes,

“Great balls of fire.” Her eyes stick to my male formation and it doubles under her gaze. “How you walk around with that thing without hurting yourself and others?”

“By thinking of how good it’ll feel when I slide this into you,” I groan, stroking myself and she watches in fascination. “How good it’ll feel in your wet pussy.”

Jerking, she looks at me before her eyes turn dreamy and hooded and she is everything a man could want; the first harvest after a long winter, the fine rain after a season of drought and the sunshine after months of darkness. I stare down at her, at her heaving belly and her exquisite little slit and my throat burns with lust. I’ll take mouthfuls of her, little bites here and there until she’s fully been consumed.

“Rev...,” she breathes as I spread her thighs apart, “you love me?”

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