Our eyes lock. “I love you,” I rasp and I inhale. Never told anyone that before, not family, not friends and especially not a woman.

“Then have me,” she pants with a flicker of hesitation in her eyes, before dragging a deep breath as if bracing herself. “Just don’t put the whole l...length.”

It’ll be the whole length or this will be the first time I’ll ever tear up as a grown man. At the thought of her only taking half of me, I groan in pain. She needs some reassurance, some distraction from my size and I whisper in her ear that I’ll make her like it. Seizing her mouth, I circle my fingers over her warmth. Knowing that she’s not going anywhere and that she’s mine to take makes my body ache with the biggest, most basic instinct a male can have.

She twists and turns like a little tease but her femininity is nothing but come hither, she’s all soft and sleek and dripping like sap from my fingers and onto the hay. Straws darken from her arousal and it’s the most beautiful expression of nature I’ve ever seen. This girl with her simple ways and generous heart is a masterwork about to be corrupted in the hands of darkness itself and what a fucking stroke of genius our mating will be.

I please her with my fingers, fondling her until she doesn’t know whether she wants less or more. She keeps moaning as if it’s the latter and I give her more and more inches until she’s making sweet love to my touch alone. Throwing her arms over her head, she flaps her face from side to side, tumbling down on my touch as if she’s been born to do this and her body moves in the most sultriest waves that rip me apart.

Her hands go to my chest and she holds on to me as the first of her resistance breaks and then I break a little more, until she shatters, her face twisting with shock and desire and she cries out, whining and quavering. Her legs quiver, her lower lip trembling and I look down at my chest.

I have marks left from her fingers. Fuck, I didn’t even feel them, can’t feel anything other than the violent urge to take over her body. She whimpers my name, her eyes darting in surprise over what just happened before they go to my length and she swallows. Lifting her hand, she looks at it as if she’d like to get to know it, familiarize herself a little and her lips part, her tongue peeking out and I gently put myself in her mouth.

A moan exhales from her, her blameless lips dancing around me, sweet-talking my shaft until its putty in her mouth and I groan, clutching her breasts to stop myself from spilling right down her throat. In the back of my mind I wonder whether she’s on the pill or not but I’ve never seen her take anything. Pulling out, I clasp her wrists over her head and trail kisses down her throat before putting myself into her and she lets out a throaty groan, whimpering a little when I lift her leg to hit deeper.

“You’re mauling me,” I moan in delirium and I crash into her, crying out when I feel her incinerate me. She’s putting up a small fight by clasping around me too hard and sweat coats my neck. “Easy, easy...,” I groan and she shudders.

“I can’t. Doan know what to do....”

A part of me aches for her but the power she has over me is greater than anything else and I can’t think. All I see is her in a faint shimmer as if she's been lit up for me and I take her tongue in my mouth, sucking on it until she softens and she cries out when I thrust .

“You’re okay...just fuck yourself on me,” I groan and she nods jerkily, trusting me with everything. “It’ll get better...”

And I thrust and I keep on thrusting and I can’t stop and she pumps back. She summons me, yanking me deep into her little body and I pounce, pinning her under me so she can’t wriggle her way out. Her lids flutter under my heavy weight, her mouth spreading hot kisses over my ink, honoring me and my legacy. A frenzy takes over, whipping me to collect more and more until she’s raw and helpless. She weakens, fading beneath my masculine beating and I hold onto her while sweat dampens her skin and I sample it on my tongue, groaning at the faint saltiness.

Her tightness drains me ruthlessly until I bellow in surprise and she whimpers. Her head is bobbing, tits fanatically springing in my face, bite marks covering her lower lip from her teeth and her breasts swell the harder I go at her and she chokes on her moans, unable to speak them and her eyes roll back, her hips racing in tune with mine and I’ll never let her withdraw.

This girl will be mine until the end of all times and I grind into her, spank her spicy nipples with my tongue until I’m buried both between her legs and between her breasts and the pleasure is so consuming, her sudden orgasm takes us both by surprise.

She shrieks, ripping at my muscles with her hands and I groan, ejaculating my lust and it coats her tight walls until black spots form before my eyes. She’s so in need of me, still clutching to my body as if she can’t let go and when I slide out of her, she moans in protest.

The fever still lingers in her.

I know it does, I can tell just by looking at her and she’s still puffed-up and greedy and her littlejust-had-my-innocence-taken-and-need-morehardship almost kills me. Moving down I position myself and start lapping at her and she moans in surprise.

“Need to lick what’s between your legs,” I groan. “Lick your special little spot until you scream my name.”

She mewls, thrashing and moving around as I lap and I never want to stop. Her attached to my mouth is the most perfect thing in the world and it gives me a kind of peace I’ve never felt before, the one a wolf can have only when he’s eating the lamb and my eyes roll back in my head.

“Tastes like fresh cream,” I growl gutturally and she pants, shuddering. I use her wetness to coat her in the back before I pull her up on all fours and enter her and she lets out a cry in amazement, turning her face to the side and her eyes are glazed over with hunger.

“Rev, what behavior is this?” she pants as I clasp her hips, yanking her down and she’s unraveling before my eyes.

“This is me fucking your little ass after eating your tight pussy,” I groan and she inhales as if shocked but then she just whimpers and keeps her head down. Her whole body has been used by me, there’s not a single inch of her where I haven’t been. I’ve tasted her, loved her, fucked her and been accepted by her wherever I entered. With a satisfied moan, I stroke her hip to praise her and she shivers and I’m so far up in here that she breaks me with her never ending acceptance. She takes more than I ever could have imagined with an arched back and an ass that avidly lingers in front of me to do with as I please, while her hair whips around us and she’s about to ruin me.

A girl like her ruining a man who thought he couldn’t be ruined...

“The sounds you make when I’m inside you,” I moan, “driving me...insanity...brink...” I struggle to speak coherently and she only moans in response and right now I need her body, more than I need breathing and then we’re both falling over the edge, both tumbling. I come down on top of her, my mouth searching hers and she’s already half-asleep, shattered and there’s a redness on her face, clashing against the paleness of her hair and she’s never been more beautiful.

And I’ve never needed anything more than her.

Which is why I will murder those who tried to hurt her.



Addie stirs in my arms, murmuring my name in her sleep before a smile crosses her face. In my chest my heart swells until it turns painful and I’m so fucking hers I’m a walking, talking hazard. I want to stay. Watch her sleep like this until she opens up her cornflower eyes, and centers me and throws me into turmoil at the same time.

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