“You moan my name in your sleep,” he groans against my throat and my cheeks heat. “Say it like a little plea between your lips as if you can’t live without me.”

My lashes flutter. “I can’t, Rev. I really can’t.”

“Can’t live without you either, lamb,” he rasps and scoops me up to his chest. “You love me don’t you? More than anything.”

“More than anything,” I assure him, biting my lip and he looks like he’s in the throes of ecstasy when I tell him that. His body starts brimming, the veins on his neck protruding and his naked body strains, causing his muscles to tense and roll under his skin.

“And you will never love anything more than me,” he adds with a flare of jealousy, looming over me and I shake my head.

“How could I?” How could I love anything more than Revenge when the sun circulates around him, when he’s the one who makes this place feel like all the windows are wide open and a fresh, northern breeze is seeping through and illuminating all the dark corners. He makes the storms bearable.

“Fuck, I love your loyalty as much as I love you,” he growls, slanting his lips over mine and I gasp, eagerly kissing him back and I turn giddy underneath his body. I’ve never loved a body more than his, or a mind...or a heart. I’ve met the love of my life.

He came to me, found his way to me when I needed him the most and he stayed. He knew what I needed and he made sure I got it. Whatever he wants from me, I will always give it freely because I owe him my life.

Somehow, he seems to believe the same in return.

“For my woman, the world will be brought to its knees,” he whispers in my ear and I shiver.

Strangely, in the back of my mind I actually believe he could make that happen. Then it dawns on me...something I didn’t register before. Revenge called me Addie when he met me. But...I never told him my name.



Looking out at the gloomy weather outside my office window, I frown. The meeting with two otherkarl’sis wrapping up and the formalities have been dealt with and they’re asking me whether they’ll ever get the chance to meet my wife.

Meet the girl who carries my last name and is a mobster’s woman but only in the dark. Officially she still thinks she’s a mere milkmaid, still thinks I’m nothing but sweetness and gentleness because that’s the only side of me she knows. I’ve told her I work for an organization but she doesn’t knowwhatorganization.

It frustrates the hell out of me that she doesn’t know the true me or what I’ve done for her. I want her eyes to light up when she realizes the brutality in her man. The brutality he unleashes only for her. I grind my jaw, my eyes firing at thekarl’s.

“And why exactly do you want tomeetmy wife. There’s nothing I’ll let you say to her.”

Other thanhelloandgoodbye.

“Its common practice being introduced to the brothers wives.”

Yeah, it is common but my case is different and I feel a flash of anger. They glance at each other before getting up and they leave my office. I rub my forehead in annoyance. Truth is, I want my brothers to meet her and I don’t want to hide. Throughout the year I’ve drawn satisfaction from keeping Addie hidden away on the farm, never coming into contact with a mobster and no mobster other than me has come in contact with her.

But it’s unpractical. Unpractical because my work is in the city and I have to leave her at the countryside. It would have been mind blowing if she had been here with me at the compound and I could have her within my reach whenever I wanted to. There’s an entire floor saved for us. All the brothers in higher positions live at the compound. Except me and my family.

My eyes go to the photo I have of Addie on my desk and even a simple photo makes a shock electrocute through me. Great. Now my body needs her more than ever and I rise with a hard on the size of Everest and I rub my neck in annoyance.

About to leave, I’m distracted by my phone ringing and I click on speaker.

“Mr. Fenrir, there’s been complications,” a soldier of mine grinds. Those are the exact words I never want to hear in my life and I fill with dread. In my fury I swipe my hand over my desk, causing my computer and supplies to fly.

I’m struck by images of Addie lying in a ditch or Addie grocery shopping and being approached by a man and I bellow,

“What complications!”

“It’s not what you think. Mrs. Fenrir’s unharmed. She’s just closer than you think.”

Closer than I think?

“She’s by the compound gates.”

“What?” My brows curve and I clench the phone. “How the fuck did that happen? Why didn’t you stop her?”

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