‘Welcome to our special den,’ he said. Conor had found a space between a series of tall bushes where they could both easily fit together. The sunlight was broken by the leaf cover, and it was cool and pleasant.

The best feature, though, was the buck-naked, muscular, tattooed Irishman in the middle of the den.

‘I love it!’ Tammy squealed. Then, when Conor growled and grabbed her, before kissing her neck passionately, she added. ‘This is even better than jogging.’

‘Glad you think so, miss. Now, wrap your laughing gear around this.’ Typically coarse, typically demanding, her powerful, rugged Daddy gently guided her soft lips down onto his growing cock.

‘Fuck,’ he breathed, as she took him into her. ‘You’re incredible.’ She took him deeper and sucked hard, showing him her hunger, relishing that salty, masculine taste.

Soon, though, he stopped her. He reached down for her sweatpants, then pulled them down, along with her panties. Then, he buried his mouth in her pussy, making her shriek with excitement and delight as she ran her hands through his thick, blond hair.

After they were both spent, they lay together for a few minutes. Tammy felt the warm soil and grass underneath her, and looked up at the canopy of green above. She felt so at peace, so at home.

‘You know I love you, don’t you?’ Conor said, almost as an afterthought. ‘Always have. Always will. You’re my heart, Tam-Tam.’

‘Love you too, Daddy Conor,’ she said dreamily.

‘Hey,’ Conor said, checking his wrist. ‘We’re gonna be late!’


Shay anxiously glanced at his phone. Conor had said that he’d drop Tammy off by six-thirty. It was now six twenty-nine.

‘Time keeping’s as bad as his damn jokes,’ he said to himself. Normally, it wouldn’t get to him, but this evening was different. He’d planned something really special for Tammy, and it was gonna take a little time.

Three dates. That was the plan. He eyed the picnic basket and glanced at his watch again. Then, in the distance, he heard something. The sound of feet, hurrying down overgrown tracks.

‘We’re coming!’ Conor called out. ‘Don’t be angry!’

When he saw Conor emerge from the undergrowth, carrying Tammy — who was whooping with laughter — over his shoulder, Shay knew he couldn’t be mad with his dumb brother.

‘There you go — one delivery of Tammy, as requested, only thirty seconds late!’ He dumped Tammy down on the picnic rug. She kept laughing, much to Shay’s delight. ‘Take good care of her,’ Conor said, before adding: ‘I’m heading to Bird Lake for a dip.’

‘Jesus, Bjorn’s got you crazy.’ Bjorn was a proponent of cold-water swimming. Well, proponent was a bit of an understatement — he never shut up about it. Conor had tried it once and had been hooked.

‘I was always crazy,’ Conor said. ‘Bjorn’s just got me channeling that energy into something positive for once. Hey — see ya both later!’ Then he was gone, running toward the lake.

‘Have a good time?’ Shay asked.

‘Mmmhmm. Don’t know if I’m gonna be doing couch to 5k any time soon, though,’ Tammy said, resting her chin in her hands. ‘I’m sohungrynow. It’s like someone’s lit a furnace in my tummy.’

‘Well,’ Shay said, ‘dinner is served. And afterward, something very special for our date.’

‘Ooohhhh,’ Tammy said. ‘Can’t wait.’

‘Oh my goodness,’ Tammy said. ‘This is just too cute!’

It had been lovely to watch Tammy enjoy the dinner he’d made for her. As an homage to their time together in Disney World, he’d done his best to recreate some of the favorite meals and snacks they’d enjoyed together.

Mickey-shaped waffles, Dole Whip, and even a Mickey Pretzel. Of course, Shay had also included some healthier items, too, to make sure that Tammy had a balanced meal.

Now though, she was holding the special box that he spent days preparing. It was pink and encircled with a white ribbon. He’d written ‘Tammy’ on a little tag. It was the first romantic gift he’d ever given to anyone, and he was anxious for Tammy to open it.

The sun was starting to go down, and Tammy looked gorgeous in the mellow twilight. Her blond hair shining, her big, almond-shaped blue eyes bright with excitement.

As her fingers delicately undid the ribbon, Shay’s pulse raced.

This was such a stupid idea. She’s gonna hate it. Or she won’t get it. She’ll just think it’s a dumb joke.

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